I found this rather funny......some people I tell you. ifr


I found this rather funny......some people I tell you.

Last night I did something I very rarely do I joined a PvP Duels game with Shockadin. I look around a bit and figured I may be able to take a couple of the builds so I hostile those that haven’t already hostiled me and out I go. I lose quickly to and assassin which I expected. Traded victories with the 2 zons and the druid, so all that was left were a couple Barbs and a Pali.

Then out of know where one of the barbs starts saying â€Look at the loser f** with the Lightsabre. You won’t beat me with that sword LOSER F**â€

Not really expecting the unprovoked verbal attack I invite the duel. And the barb comes out. He casts BO then starts to WW, I just stand there for a second before turning on HS aura. In a couple passes the barb is down half his life bar and I haven’t swung once. He then appears to run out of mana and runs in instead of WW’ing and I attack…one click with the level 10 zeal and maxed HS and he dies. My life bar down maybe 1/8 from start.

He starts calling me a loser, cheater, and says I have hacked gear (on ladder no less) then the insults start when I display “I’m dancing on your corpse, cuz you da loser†above my head. Not really funny but without swinging once after that he dies 4 times trying to get to his body (bodies) all the while calling me every name possible. Anyway I taunt him with more dancing comments and things similar and the rest of the people start to LOL, ROFL, and any viariation of that before he calls us all F*gs and leaves.

End of story is the guy insisted the whole time I had a Lightsabre and I was cheating. I got a good laugh out of it and so did the rest in the game. I might have to visit the PvP games more often. Guess he never heard of Crescent Moon Phase Blade before


If by NK’ing you mean Naked Killing you are very much right in that I do know better, and I usually turn the aura off or return to town after a good kill, something I did with the Zons and Druid. However after I told him I wasn’t using a Lightsabre, and that was met with more rude comments I chose to taunt him into killing himself over and over trying to get to his body.

Some, actually a lot of the conversation was left out in an effort to keep the post somewhat short. I never told him what weapon I had because he didn’t believe I DID NOT have a Lightsabre, so I felt telling him would not change his view. Still it was a laugh for myself and the rest in the game.


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Not much has changed since 1.09.

I played a chargadin pally named OMGaCharger and in a public dueling game. I fought this person and killed him 2 times and then he says to me, that he'd win if I wasn't allowed to use the skill charge...

Many public duels with other chars (the nicer ones without the flaming and the cursing) they always tell me that they can win IF I don't use a certain skill. And demand that I not be allowed to use it... (funny how they make rules of dueling along the way to make it favorable).

Especially a weakass necro with a high lvl curse of IM demanding my barb not be able to use beserk.