I feel like a failure..


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I feel like a failure..

Want to know something incredibly sad?

I have played Diablo since the first game came out.
But I never beat the whole game.

In fact I think I've only beaten The Butcher..

..Yeah. :embarassed:


And I of course play D2.

Though only today I have discovered that there was more than one Act to the game. :tongue:

I've only gotten as far as the last quest in Act 1.

I feel like a failure :undecided: :cry:



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Are you having fun while playing ? because thats all that matters

Doesn't matter how far you got , just means you get to play all the other areas later


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Though I decided to play another character(necromancer) and I am on the quest where you have to find the horadric(sp?) malus in the Monastery Barracks.

I got lost.

Where the heck are those damn barracks?!

I can't find them T_T

Evrae Altana

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The barracks are located in the monastery. Go to the Tamoe Highlands (the area right by Great Marsh), then follow the path to Monastery Gate, which will lead you quickly to the Outer Cloister. From there, you can enter the barracks.