I eat cute little bunnies.

Professor Blasto

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He's basically holding a rabbit for ransom. Sounds like a get-rich-quick scheme to me. And if it doesn't work out he has a nice lunch. So, it's win-win. Go him.


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Garbad_the_Weak said:
Prehistoric. Seriously, I read that one on my 300 baud modem on my commodore 64.

Meh i dont play diablo anymore or barely post on these forums. Just thought this was funny and thought of otf.


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Wow. That is 100% brilliant capitalism. He's already up to $20k, plus, if he doesn't reach his goal he'll have a good lunch. Gah, why didn't I think of this!?


itsPizzarific said:
personally, i would recommend steamed rabbit. that really brings out the sweetness. maybe over a bed of cabbage leaves.
*Shakes head*
You Asians...!
...wait...I'm asian too...fine Pizza, save me a piece.


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Mmm...Just so he doesn't start a regular diet of these things. Cause rabbit, by itself, kinda takes more calories to digest than it gives.

And it's crazy that there's been 20k donated to "Save Toby"...


I could have sworn he said he'd eat toby halfway through march sometime ago. Wonder if he's bumping back the date to wring some more Ks out of the little guy.

Ash Housewares

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5Ws said:
*Shakes head*
You Asians...!
...wait...I'm asian too...fine Pizza, save me a piece.
I'll cover for you


*shakes fist*

I don't like rabbits, nor do I feel like eating one, lamb would be ok though, anyone for lamb?


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Someone should register the domain name "Killtoby" and fill it up with recipes using rabbit meat, instructions in how to flay a rabbit and similar information.