I don't get the point of Hardcore


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I don't get the point of Hardcore

Why do people even do hardcore if you can only die once? Honestly, I'm not trying to be mean, but is there some secret about hardcore I haven't heard about?


Um, we level to 99 without dying, we run ancients without dying, we attack Nilhatak without dying, and in general, we become better Diablo II players?

Its called "risk" and "acomplishment" and "amusement". One can become so good at Diablo II softcore that the game is no longer a challenge. At that point, Hardcore is the only option. Its the final step towards glory. Become an untwinked and unrushed Guardian, and everyone will know you did it the hard way.


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Barrynor put it quite well. But just to add:

SC becomes boring after a while. Its just endless Baal runs with idiots who have all the best gear but no clue how to make a build and play there character because the first time they have to is at level 80+. It takes alot more skill to play through the game without meeting the Deeds screen.

Try playing the game without dieing, it ain't that easy. Yes it sucks to lose your gear when you do, but it makes you improve so as you don't make that same mistake again. My final (realistic) goal in the game was to do the Uber's in HC, which I achieved the day before the ladder reset was announced. It was quite the feeling knowing that one wrong move could mean hours of work wasted. If I had failed, I would have taken it as a learning experience, and tried again.

The only reason I would play SC anymore, is to either test a build out, or to PvP, otherwise, I enjoy the challenge.


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I'm a new player (bought the game two days before the ladder reset), but from my standpoint, I really like HC.

As soon as I found out about HC, I started a new character and had him immediately rushed through normal mode just so I could get to HC.

I like the "rush" of almost dieing and pulling through alright. Granted I'm still really low level (my highest HC character is 18), but I'm enjoying it more so than SC. I do make characters in SC on occasion to test builds, but otherwise I'm leveling with the knowledge that I've made it this far without dieing.

The people in HC seem to be a little nicer than those in SC, too. This could just be my experience as I don't play many pub games, but the people here on dii and others I've met on HC have been super nice.

You can't get too attached to a character and it's items, either. I've died once so far and I just shrugged it off. I also like knowing that if I've allowed people to loot my corpse, they might get some nice items when I die. I don't really care to have them back. It's fun helping others.

Just my $0.02.


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Like Barrynor said the risk and amusement/pleasure is whole different than if playing SC where you know all you lose at worst is some money, merc and time that it takes to get your body back. Also SC like AgentMarth mentioned the endless baalruns are just incredibly boring (with _mostly_ idiots, love the way he put it) after a while and if you die in SC you propably won't learn much from your death unlike in HC where most deaths you might actually remember by every detail.


Once upon a time in 1.09 I had a barbarian named Me_Break_Skull, who used a Shael-ed Messerschmidts Reaver to whirl-tirl-you-hurl. We were doing Hell-Baalruns for the fun of it (it not being the XP cow it is now), and on the 7th or 8th run we ran into ESFELE Listor. So I hurl (l77, 3500 hp, max res)... and I get hit a few times, am down to 75% health. I move into a new position, get smacked by Listor, and die. I die? WTF? I die! Well, that happens from time to time, so I'm not impressed... and besides, characters in Hell... I had like two dozen Hell-chars at that time, all equipped with a good selection of gear. Oh, and since I was playing with friends they could loot me...

"So, uh, you didn't set loot then?"
"Yes I did!..."
"No you didn't."
three seconds pass
"Ah, well, damn, waste of a nice 15% res all 6% LL ring then. Shame... I liked that ring..."

...and I grab my Thrower/Zerk Hybrid I had been using since forever and keep on playing. Probably one of the best rings I ever had... down the drain in a second because I forgot to set loot with friends. Never forgot to set loot again.

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Softcore is like playing a game with an invincibility cheat. Boring as hell. 99% of players on sc(besides serious duelers) make HORRIBLE glass cannon builds.


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as stated above, i play for the rush.i am currently working on a necro on ladder and have made it to 80 level.my sorc died at 76.anyhoo, its makes the game alot more exciting.

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I know everyone reasons are different and some of you touched upon this already but

I play HC because I've been playing this game for years in sc mode. After making most of the builds in the game and aquiring all the godly items , it just got routine.
HC ment starting from scratch again. It is a rush to test your playing ability and various character builds knowing that a wrong move = game over. Even after playing for years on softcore , when I 1st moved over to HC , it was an eye opener in regards to playing technique. It truely has made me a better player. ( can we say no more sc suicide death rushes ) I also relish that Fact that because HC is such a challenge , it has a way of weeding out the nooby players. The general ability and knowlege of players here is much more then that of your common sc player. Items are harder to find and worth more. There is very little grushing here. You dont have a level 70 char after a day of play. It takes time, patience and skill to get to the high levels. Guardian is a title earned here , unlike the Patriach title that anyone can get without trying.

So far I've several high level chars here on HCL.
I've made perhaps the easist build to take thru the game , Summoner and Hammerdin. I've also taken perhaps the hardest char to play thru , A melee sorc. She is my fav char now.

So that my friends is why I am on HC.
What has brought you to the "dark red red side of D2".?

Here's a snapshot of my account/s just before the reset


All HC does is speed up your Save and Exit reflexes. Although most people are too lazy for even that and use chicken instead. Which is why theres hardly ever any duels to begin with in the first place, because of chicken/savexit, which is why people use TPPK. Which is also why people use chicken. Which is... well you get the point.


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It's a crying shame. How difficult would it be to fix the TPPK exploit?

The new ladder is now how the previous ladder ended up. I'm back to soloing in Nmare and Hell and not trusting anyone.

I have no problems with PK's (get's the old pulse going) but the hacks are killing the game off.

Well, I'm only playing this again until Hellgate and Bioshock come out.


cute... but no...

No, in fact TPPK is not used because of chicken. Its nice that you state such a thing, but you lack knowledge of the actual facts. This is unsurprising though, as the rise of TPPK happened several years ago.

I'll state this simply:

manual Hydra TPPK --> Druid drop --> fake druid drop with Hydra TPPK --> drophack --> anti-drophack --> TPPK-script with Burzia-do-kanyon and 100% pierce --> chickenhack (settable upon hostile or % of life gone, whatever you wish)

Maphack by mousepad --> MH for everyone --> MH with anti-drophack feature --> MH with scangear etc --> MH with chicken

Everyone and their mom has MH. And their dog. And their dad, cat and baby sister. And thus chickenhack.

Which reminds me of this screenie... mmm... that was fun :D
(copy=paste in browser ;) )

All HC does is speed up your Save and Exit reflexes. Although most people are too lazy for even that and use chicken instead. Which is why theres hardly ever any duels to begin with in the first place, because of chicken/savexit, which is why people use TPPK. Which is also why people use chicken. Which is... well you get the point.


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Well.. one thing thats changed barry, maybe you dont know. Mousepad made his mh pay to use.. and it also was suspected to be the cause of ALOT of bannings so most people who care about their acc dont use it. There are others that dont inject a dll that are supposedly "safer" but those do NOT have any chicken feature(or most of the other stuff from mousepads).

Anyone you see using chicken hack most likely(90% id say) is using one of the newer full decked out hacked clients that includes tppk and other dirty things(ability to see your items etc.) Be very carefull with these people. Ive figured out some other ways to spot people who use these clients but i wont say them here because then theyll just fix those little giveaways and ill be unaware... but alot of them are very lazy about hiding it.

Personally, i feel that alot of people dont really play this "Hardcore". No offence to them but.. some use chicken, while others instead will NOT play a hell(some even nm) game without a loaded up BO barb to almost tripple their life. Thats not very hardcore imo.. I make chars that can survive without that stuff... partly cus i dont have a second cd key set.. but even if i did i wouldnt use it that way.. its like easy mode.


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are you really saying that MH/chicken is less present on the realm these days? how odd... and amusing :D
Its still lame as ever. So many "1337" tppkers around. (was a joke for those that are a bit slow). Anyways yes there is still chicken around, anti tppk (when you click on someones name = instant tp to town) and flash-hack + others. Near ladder reset I dueled a decked out lvl 67 iceblast tppker with a 32 charger, result = I hit bad he chickened I laughed at how pathetic he was.

Seriously now though, even when ladder reset was the next day, I still couldn't get duels...

People have only gotten pussier, you can thank gear scanning + newer generation of lame pos around.