I dont get it, please explain


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I dont get it, please explain

Ok I'm on atkins diet and I got a full rack of ribs in front of me. The label for the ribs says they have 9 carbs... is that 9 carbs per rib or the whole thing?


Well... since we don't measure the serving size or calorie amt for non-human food (except glue I guess) does that strike you as a possibility for your lack of knowledge? :xsmile4:
Surely you must understand, Hellfire, that a rack of ribs from a midget cow and one from a Tyrannosaurus-sized one would offer different nutritional values? So they usually decide on a serving size, weight or volume normally but occasionally quantity (i.e. 2 meejum-sized ribs).
Your on a diet but you don't know what serving sizes are? hmmmmmmm I can imagine your gonna have a hard time losing weight.


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this is totally OT, and sorry for that, but i was wondering, do you have some thread starting disease or something? i mean good lord..


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I never believed in the serving size stuff. I mean COME ON!!!! Who really thinks that there are 12 servings in tiny weeny Hagendaas ice cream? My friend and I can finish the whole thing together.

Also, I'm a Korean, and my primary diet is rice. I have consumed rice ever since I got off my mom's breast milk, and I am still healthy and not fat. If you ask me, this whole Atkin's diet or no carb is total crap.

As long as you eat moderately and exercise, that should do it.

Damascus said:
You weren't aware of the concept of serving size?


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You know... as strange as this is going to come across... In a weird (and somewhat twisted way) the addition of Hellfire is somewhat fortuitous as he came to the forums just as people were starting to mention how "stale" things were becoming around here. His starting of many threads sure seems to keep things active (albeit bordering on flaming at times), but many of you have to admit - many discussions have been started recently as a result of this poor, misguided soul. :teeth: