I Beat Diablo 2 For My First Time On My Own... In SP HC!!


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Hello Everyone,

I just recently (almost a couple of hours ago) beat Diablo 2 Single Player for my first time ever and I'm very happy to achieve this! And on HC! No deaths! :D I used the safest and most common build to beat the game with, but it's still a great accomplishment to me... The Fishymancer! Lol! I know many people have beat this game on HC many times and many others have probably posted their first achievements here, so I wanted to shout it out too! I've been playing this game since '04 and started LOD in '05. I've never beat this game on my own and was always so heavily reliant on others to give me free things (was a pickit master in free games) up until I decided to learn this game better in 2016. I watched streamers like Llama and Teo and learned that if they can beat this game on HC in a few hours, so can I (even though it took me a week). I wish I was able to post images as proof, but it looks like for now, I won't be able to until I become a trusted poster, so I hope my words are enough to be trusted here. I did save the images for future posting once I become trusted.

Oh... I should mention that my FIRST ever attempt at HC ended in the death of my LVL 75 Wind Druid in hell mode, where I panicked and teleported (Spellsteel tele charges) into those damn spiders in the Spider Cavern, where I almost got the eye. Turned out, I ran out of tele charges... Lesson learned, picked myself up immediately, and went onward to my success! :) My first attempt at HC was 2 weeks ago, so I did spend about a week on the druid before my necro.

If anyone is curious about more of my journey or my items, I will be happy to post more. I don't want to create a TL : DR on my first post.

Thanks for viewing and reading if you got this far! :D


Congratulations, and welcome to our forums! I'd be curious to check out your gear, if you have a chance to post it. I assume you use ATMA or GoMule?


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Thank you for the welcome, Noodle!

I should mention my Necro was LVL 79 when I killed Baal, as well as my Merc.

My gear as follows:

Helm: Lore (Shako)

Chest: Stealth (Hard Leather Armour)

Gloves: Rare Light Gauntlets
Fire Res +25%
Poison Res +24%
Half Freeze Duration
Poison Length Reduced 25%
Level 2 Inner Sight Charges

Belt: Magic Demonhide Sash
Fire Resist +18%

Boots: Sigon's Sabot

Ammy: +2 Summon Skills

Ring #1: Magic Ring
Light Res +28%
Magic DMG reduced 1

Ring #2: Rare Ring
Cold Res +23%
Fire Res +21%
Poison Res +9%
DMG reduced 1

Shield: 3 PDiamond Large Shield (All res +57) (A much better upgrade from Ancient's Pledge)

Weapon: Magic Wand (Golemlord's) w/ 2 sockets
+3 to Summon Skills
+2 Summon Resist
+2 Decrep
+1 Bone Spear
Rare Jewel in socket
+4 Minimum DMG
Cold Res +37%
Light Res +9%
Fire Res +9%
Poison Res +9%

Weapon on switch (swap): LVL1 Tele staff

Act 2 Offense (Might) Merc Gear
Helm: Duskdeep
Armor: Peace (Russet Armor)
Weapon: Malice (Lochaber Axe (Eth))

I do have PlugY, but didn't use it for this. I went all out Vanilla and used that small stash. Lol! I just wanted to make my run as legit as possible for myself. This also means I didn't use the Spirit runeword or Insight for my merc.


OK, cool, looks like you worked through untwinked. Nice work! Just an FYI - You should know that PlugY isn't an accepted mod here - what you do on your own pc is up to you, but if you do use PlugY people here won't want to connect with you. I don't mean to be unfriendly, just let you know what the norms are here. I know you didn't use it for this character, so awesome.

I highly encourage you to check out the Single Player Forum - it's the most active forum here, and is full of helpful people. You can also download either ATMA or GoMule, which will essentially give you an unlimited stash. They are incredibly useful. Also, the RWM (RuneWordMod) is happily accepted here, so please feel free to make Insight, and other ladder-only runewords. I know our rules may seem arbitrary, but they are what they are and have helped keep us active while other Diablo sites have shut down. Of course, if you choose not to use them, you'll earn style points.


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Going through a game untwinked feels very rewarding to me, as a lot of guides out there always have high end gear in the long run with nothing in between, and requires a lot of MFing, so with watching speedrun streamers, I gained a lot of knowledge that way in order to beat the game untwinked like they do. I'm not big on farming/MFing, but will do it if it's necessary (ex./ had to farm levels for my char in NM to move to Hell because I beat NM baal at level 58).

I really appreciate the heads up on the use of PlugY! I never touched it since I got really bored of MFing for better items with it's unlimited stash space. I also did beat PoD (sorry for another most likely unaccepted mod mention) on my own and felt the game was way too easy, and I didn't count it towards actually beating Diablo 2, so having played that mod helped me realize that the vanilla LoD Diablo 2 experience is so much more enjoyable. I also play SP because bots ruined the game and it drove me offline.

I will most likely stick to continually trying to beat the game with other characters in HC because beating a game without dying feels awesome! Lol. I plan to check out the SP forum, as some of the forums I've read have some very nice people here. I actually respect how the rules are here because it sticks to the original Diablo experience as much as possible, which is amazing! I'll probably not use ATMA, GoMule, or a RMW for any future runs I plan to do. I'd probably find people to play with online and make ladder-only runewords there if people would like to play. So my style points are going to accumulate. ;) Haha!


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Good for you, and well done on your HC Run!

I do enjoy reading things like this, and it's always great to see that people are still playing the game as intended!

Untwinked is the way forward. ;). I never really bother with the muling software myself anymore.


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Good for you, and well done on your HC Run!

I do enjoy reading things like this, and it's always great to see that people are still playing the game as intended!

Untwinked is the way forward. ;). I never really bother with the muling software myself anymore.
Welcome here, and congrats on the Guardian !!!
A week and a half later for the reply. I've been away visiting family, but I'd like to thank the both of you, Spiritspawn and T72on1, as I'll be back to my adventures once this Easter weekend is done (hoping nothing else pops up).

Playing the game as intended made this game amazing for me. The online that's filled with bots and constant rushing takes away the elements that you're given in the first place, which loses it's initial taste to begin with. The muling aspect is understandable, as you can just make a sorc to farm for gear, but that also kind of takes away that same element. Sure, it takes time to get gear and complete the game (especially depending on the char you're playing), but being able to say, run through the game with a barb or something similar would feel extremely rewarding if you didn't mule for it in the first place.

Sorry for the rant. xD