I am so hyped to finally time travel


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So I lucked out and my cousin found his old LoD disc and gave it to me. It is a 1.07 disc and now I can finally install LoD and be at the patch I want! All my discs were upgrading the game to 1.10 or later.

I think I will start with a fun, old fashioned dual element sorceress if they are similar to 1.09. I am thinking frozen orb for sure and then either hydra or charged bolt/thunderstorm or nova/thunderstorm. I also loved bowzons back in the day, so I may make one of those and a old WW baba. Although I would love any input from people experienced 1.07 players, as I first started playing D2 when 1.09 hit and have no experience with 1.07. Would love to know if the sorceress skills are similar to 1.09 as far as usefulness and power.

My goals are to find a Valor and Shako and then some of the cool overpowered socketed magic items and charms.

Any tips or advice would be appreciated. I have been trying to do this for awhile, so I am super stoked.

I realize I didn't clarify very well lol. I am going back to 1.07. My D2 experience started in 1.09 and went to the present, so 1.07 is mostly a mystery to me. I am hoping building a sorceress is similar to 1.09.
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If you will play 1.09 i can highly suggest that you visit RobbyDs guide about time travel to 1.09



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I highly recommend that you read the 1.07 guide and its addendum, as well as the 1.07 News, Info and Gossip threads. Lots of useful info in there.

Leveling in 1.07 is super slow. There are no commands for player settings to simulate more players in the game, like you can in later versions. You have to MP for that. If you start from scratch, the beginning is incredibly tedious.

There are certain MF breakpoints that will force bosses and super-uniques to only drop set or unique items. They can't drop from the higher TCs, though, so if you're after elite items, LK and Halls of Pain racks is where it's at. Act 2 mercs kinda suck. Get an Act 5 one instead.

As mentioned already, Frozen Orb, Cold Mastery and Static are all you need. Rest of the points can go into Teleport. Get used to using Static between Orbs. Just make sure the Orb itself doesn't hit any enemies or it won't do any damage at all.


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Thank you for all the advice. I did a little reading and discovered that Cold Mastery breaks all cold immunes. Sounds like a sorceress is going to be kind of easy once you get her going with the static that goes all the way down and not dealing with immunes. But you guys are right, it is slow with players 1 and not nearly as many drops or monsters. I have been lucky so far. I have a superior scepter with chip sapphire in it and do decent bashing damage. Found an eagle orb with +1 charged bolt, ice bolt, fire bolt and charged bolt is nice in groups early on. My cold bow merc has a 3 socket hunter bow with chip topaz, chip emerald and kills everything in one shot. I just found a rare buckler from Rakinashu(sp?) that is purple in color. Not that great, but first rare.

If anybody also plays 1.07 and wants to MP and start a new chars or whatever, definitely get at me! I haven't done MP in years and would love to play.


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I am super jealous of you man. I haven’t been able to get ahold of my friend that I “think” has a battle chest with 1.07 discs. I will be keeping an eye on how your progress is. No wonder I had some trouble with Frozen Orb back in the day after reading the comments.


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@darkstarhub I hope you can get ahold of those discs like I finally did. Maybe we could MP when/if you do.

I am level 8 and have made it through the Countess, who does not drop runes in 1.07 apparently. Leveling on p1 is soooo slow and frustrating and there seems to be way less monsters and items around. My gear is:

-scepter with 1 chipped sapphire (have a 3 socket superior Axe in stash I may gem up later) / small shield w/ 10 mana
-magic eagle orb w/ +1 charged bolt/ice bolt/fire bolt and chance to cast amp damage on strike / rare buckler with 4 all resist, 11 to poison resist and 4 to life
-2 chipped diamond skull cap (chance to hit on striking drops very fast without putting points into dex, as does blocking chance)
-2 open socket leather armor
-Leather Gloves with 25% Psn Dmg Length Reduced
-Boots with fast run/walk and 25% stamina heal (which is nice, as stamina drains super fast)
-Sash with +3 replenish life
- +1 max damage rings (x2)
- only charm I have found is a 4% cold resist small charm

Cold Bow Merc:
3 socketed Hunter Bow w/ 1x chip emerald and 1x chip topaz
35 defense Ethereal Hard Leather Armor
Skull Cap with 25% Poison Damage Length Reduced

She kill almost everything in one shot and I still have one more socket slot to put something in.

I have some PDLR stuff saving for Andy in stash and some open socketed stuff for when I get some more gems.

I use frost nova/ice blast and bash people with my scepter, but mostly let my merc pick them off. I will switch to the eagle orb to use the +1 charged bolt it has. That charged bolt really works well for taking down big groups. I don't use static much yet, but I imagine I will sooon.

I went into this thinking Frozen Orb and a second element would be my route, thinking in terms of 1.09. After some reading, I see that Frozen Orb and Static is all that you need. Kind of boring I guess, but seems like it will make sorc play relatively easy.

I will start sharing pics and what not once I get further along if anybody has any interest in following my Sorceress "Time" and her adventure through 1.07. Should have came up with a better name to do with time traveling, especially loving physics and astronomy. oh welll


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Just a heads up that minions didn't yet give bonus experience in 1.07, so if you want to speed up XP farming, then you might as well focus on Champions and Unique monsters, while skipping minions. Minions get double HP, so you're taking more time to kill monsters that don't give you any extra XP.

Certain areas can spawn map segments with Champion packs on them, like Tristram, Catabombs levels, Barracks, etc, such areas are great for XP.

And don't hesitate to use a Lower Resist wand! B)
Not only does negative lightning resistance increase Static Field damage in 1.07, LR also works at 100% effectiveness when enemies are immune, unlike 1.14 where it only works at 20% effectiveness. LR makes a significant difference in almost all cases.


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@DiabloTwoinDC @Fruit

Wonderful advice! I appreciate all of the advice I have been getting. Don't let up ;)

I am at Black Marsh, so I will try to get to Inner Cloister as fast as I can now so I can do Bone Ash runs!

My Black Marsh WP has 3 experience shrines right next to it, so I am going to keep playing on this game as long as I can and I can keep going back and using EXP shrines permanently now. Got lucky there lol.


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Don’t worry too much about the experience, Ancients give plenty. Just complete the game once, then rush at least seven more sorcs.


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Don’t worry too much about the experience, Ancients give plenty. Just complete the game once, then rush at least seven more sorcs.
Rush 7 more sorces?! Why is that lol?

I have seen that a certain amount of MF forces certain drops in certain scenarios, but I have a couple particular questions.

Can you MF a Valor and/or a Shako from doing Mephisto or other Hell boss runs, or do they fit in a class of items that is too high to drop and can only be found from racking?

Is this the patch where if I have a Nagel and Manald's at a certain spot and find or gamble a unique ring, it will automatically be a SoJ? Or is that only in an older classic patch?

Those are two things I am wondering and I probably could have found out for sure, but I know some smart, 1.07 familiar, individuals will know the specific answer to what I am wondering.

I am level 12 and been doing a few Bone Ash runs, but will move on to Andarial soon probably. I get a lot of lag when I get around large groups for some reason. I am using a different laptop, but clearly one that should handle D2 with ease. I tried window mode, but it was a lot different and I couldn't enlarge the window mode to how I normally play. So the window was super small and didn't have the maximize and [x] and was really weird. Then I accidently did a zoom thing and it seems like it is wider than when I first started on full screen mode, but I am not for certain lol.


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>Can you MF a Valor and/or a Shako from doing Mephisto or other Hell boss runs, or do they fit in a class of items that is too high to drop and can only be found from racking?

Cant drop IIRC

>Is this the patch where if I have a Nagel and Manald's at a certain spot and find or gamble a unique ring, it will automatically be a SoJ? Or is that only in an older classic patch?

Quite sure thats only in classic


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Yeah I’m pretty sure the Nagel,Manald Heal thing was in Classic. I remember reading about that somewhere in the wiki on this site.

Does GoMule work for 1.07 or is ATMA the preferred method?


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Only ATMA works. Careful with that, though. If I remember correctly, there is a bug in ATMA with 1.07 items that have the Freezes Target mod on them. If you as much as look at those items in ATMA, it will corrupt your character/stash. So better don't even pick those up.

@Jamie 7 sorcs for racking. That's where you'll get most/all of your good items. Finding good and stable racks takes a bit of time. There are probably quite a few items that you'll want, and you don't want to lose a rack to go after another item from your list. Better to have a dedicated sorc for each item you want to rack multiples of.


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Does the Freeze Target bug only occur when you open it in an Atma file? I have used gomule this whole time, but I am on a new computer now for 1.07. I guess I will have to get Atma and learn that.

I just want to make sure that the freezes target but, as long as I ditch the items in game, they wont be a problem.


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@Tatterson @zemaj

So I should never put an item that "freezes target" into ATMA. Also if I want to make a runeword, make sure to mule the base and runes to the character I am sure I want it on, and keep it there forever?

I have seen lists of 1.07 runewords that look crazy and many aren't too useable, considering they take high runes and make items nowhere near comparable to 1.10+, so I can't imagine making too many. There are a few early ones, like a nice magic find helm one and a couple others that I may use. But runes seem to be super rare to drop, even low runes.

All this advice is super helpful. I'll play as much as I can today and update where I am. It is crazy how much slower it is than current patches. I got so good at playing untwinked in current patches, that this is crazy, but I am still pretty good at this because of all of the untwinked runs where I would have great gear a couple acts in lol.

Update coming later today as I sloth through.