I am back to playing :)


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I haven't played Diablo 2 in a few years and wasn't big time on the SPF as I spent most of my 10-15 years of D2 on Battle.net but I wanted to say hi and see if anyone has any tips of advice for me. Hopefully someone will remember me as i did spend a year or two getting around the SPF. I Play only single player now because I can't stand the botting/duping and hacks that battle.net play is revolved around. Its discouraging knowing that me running Meph or Baal for 3 hours gets me nowhere in wealth when hundreds of people have 10 baal and 10 meph bots running 24/7 for eternity.

I'm as legit as they come and thats all I want for the game to be is 100% legit.

Hope to see you all around and earn the trust of everyone and find some cool people to play with who still think this is the greatest game ever made when played the right way. I am beginning my bowzon to play through the game untwinked as it will be my first character I have now. I lost everything I used to have, but that happens to me every few years. Level 13 after last night and time to keep rocking.

If there is a way to play through open b.net or IP games and anyone wants to start a new character with me let me know. Fun times to all!

Edit: any advice on what programs and what not to use to transfer items without making them dirty wouldl be nice. I want to play all legit other than the trading of items because thats where most of my fun comes from is creating self wealth in a legit manner. rock on!


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Welcome back! Always good to have another friendly face around here.

Gomule is the best thing for transferring items, you can find it in the stickies. Anything in the sticky thread will keep you safe to trade and MP. Rune word mod is in there too, so if you want to use ladder only runewords you can.

Don't do any open bnet though, that's far worse than closed bnet for cheaters.

Feel free to ask any questions you have about anything, I'm sure someone will be able to help.


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Well I was digging around and I found this old account. Not sure which I should use or if I should delete one or what.

So I have this account and the Jamie account.

Either way yes I know to stay off Open B.net haha. While entertaining for a second its obviously a mess. I'm looking for a community where I can play exactly like B.NET with the dueling and trading and questing parties but without knowing that theg in people I'm playing with are getting more MFing in during our one hour game than I can pull off the rest of the night on my own.

This game legit is magical!


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Which account should I use now that I have discovered I have this Jamie account and a JamieC account? I prefer to use this one.
Would it be better to use the one from 2008 because of the older join date and more posts and whatnot? I pride myself on being 100% legit and not stealing or cheating so I want to gain respect and trust as quickly as possible. I want to be a part of a tight knit community that hates bots/dupes/cheats and has as much passion was I do for this game played the correct 100% way.

I don't want to get in trouble for having double accounts either so should I find a way to get one deleted or how should I go about this situation.

Any information you guys have about my situation or anything about the SPF, PLEASE PLEASE share with me because I have been craving coming back to this game so bad that I put up hundreds of dollars of my tools for collateral so I could borrow my friends laptop (my gf angrily, yet "accidently" spilled milk on my nice laptop and ruined it).

I hope you single players are as active as you alll used to be because I'm ready to play and need other people to make me feel like I'm still playing online.


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Having multiple accounts is frowned on, but only if you are using them in a duplicitous manner. I would just pick one and stick with it for the rest of your time here, especially as there was a forum reset recently anyway. You might get one of the mods to delete the other one once you have settled on one account. Maybe they could even transfer your posts- ect.

If your worried about the rules, just read the SPF faq found in the stickies (if you haven't already). Also, being a stickler for the rules is primarily important for trading and when entering tournaments. Just make sure you let people know what version you are playing and your mods (if any).