I am a complete retard


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I am a complete retard

I got stuck twice while writing a C++ file this week. The first was because all of a sudden Dev-C++ completely stopped creating an EXE file when I hit compile, so nothing would happen. It was like that for three days before I realized it was because I'd accidentally pasted a bunch of switches into the "extra compiler options" dialog instead of the "further object files or linkers" dialog just above it.

But the bigger problem that I've had for almost a week is that I had a 1280x480 BMP file I wanted to display parts of on the screen (it was supposed to eventually scroll through the image), but no matter what I did it wouldn't show anything past the first 640x480 section of it. I tried everything, fiddling around with the command parameters, trying to figure out if some of the SDL commands were automatically cropping the image for some reason... and today I finally figured it out. I was linking to an old version of the bitmap that was only 640x480, I'd forgotten to replace "bg.bmp" with "bg2.bmp".


So, have you done anything phenomenally stupid lately?


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but a friend of mine put 14cells (2x normal voltage) in his rc10t (rc stadium truck) with a 9 triple motor (extremely fast with 7cells) and locked the clutch and diff down at tight as we could, and they didnt grab until the car was going over 40mph then it would proceed to break the tires loose and try to accelerate even faster, it still had traction problems

eventually it started on fire, fun times


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I thought this was going to be about the time you thought "taking the kids to the pool" actually meant taking the kids to the pool.



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I love you, rare. Have my babies?

I am pretty stupid too.

I work from 8a to 4p, and one day I was incredibly tired after coming home; it was about 6pm or so.

I immediately fell asleep on the couch, and felt like I slept an eternity. I wake up really quickly feeling that I had over slept. A while back I slept for 17 hours straight -- so believe me when I say I oversleep.

I look outside and it looks kind of gray, but dark. I look at my watch and it says 7:55. Holy crap I had slept through the entire day and night and now I am incredibly late.

I get off the couch, go to the bathroom (you're welcome Dondrei), and immediately rush to the phone to call the office to let them know I'll be late. I am still basically sleeping but dressing myself and panicking. I had something really important to do that day, and now I was all drowsy, late, had no clue what I was actually putting on, and waiting for someone to answer the phone.

Someone answers, and it's a friend of mine. I start babbling telling him to please tell my boss I'll be there ASAP. As I'm doing so I remember that this guy works in the afternoon shift.

*Wait, why is he there at 8 in the morning*
me- "What are you doing there at this time"
him- "working, what else? I'll tell him you'll be here. Was that all you needed?"
me- "You..work...but it's eight--"

At this point I actually am waking up, and looking at my watch, AND THE TINY LITTLE LETTERS THAT SAY "PM" NEXT TO 7:59.

me - "What time is it"
him- "it's 8pm"
me- "Oh. Well then"
him- "you thought.."
me- "Yeah."
him- *uncontrollable laughter*
me- "Uh I'll see you tomorrow, I have to sleep for a bit"
him- "Yeah, Id think so"

The next day no one stopped asking me what time it was. :lipsrsealed:



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Another one already, this is just not my week.

Your first post up there made me feel dumb, I thought I would contribute with something a bit easier to understand for people like me =(
Yes, even my thread about how I'm a retard is elitist.



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Nah, it just makes it more of a 'geektard'-thread. :laugh:
For some reason that reminded me of the Simpsons episode where Homer finds some glasses in the toilet, puts them on, and blurts out this random thing about triangles.



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If it helps, it was actually "dropping off the kids at the pool", not "taking"

If it doesn't help, then welcome to the club.


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So, what would you like the engraving on your helmet to say? Remember, you will breathe, eat and sleep with it. So make it count!