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I always seem to get trapped and killed, need some solutions if possible

Discussion in 'Hardcore' started by Stewie, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. Stewie

    Stewie IncGamers Member

    Aug 22, 2010
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    I always seem to get trapped and killed, need some solutions if possible

    EDIT: wrong forum, was trying to post in paladin forum, not sure how to delete

    I'm in Nightmare on the 4th act, level 59. I've been doing some /p8 stuff, but don't plan on it these last 2 acts.

    As the title states, I always seem to get surrounded, which by having 10 guys surround me, I understand, I'm just looking for a solution.

    Currently I do 614-1084 damage with zeal with fanaticism up, is that low/normal/high?

    As far as resists go, I have: 69 FR, 75CR, 75LR, 54PR

    110 strength (with a few +strength on items)
    80 dexterity
    190 vitality
    15 energy (never put anything into this)

    I guess all-in-all I'm looking to see if I am on par with my level, and possible solutions to not getting surrounded and owned.

    **I have a hammerdin, I just found it annoying to always position the hammers, thinking about switching back after Den of Evil in hell, but not sure**

    a pre-thanks for your help!
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2010
  2. SeCKSEgai

    SeCKSEgai IncGamers Member

    Jan 12, 2009
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    Re: I always seem to get trapped and killed, need some solutions if possible

    I'm sure the Mod will move your thread for you, so I'll go ahead and reply.

    Consider this:

    It's not the getting surrounded that's killing you, as if you're getting trapped and killed, ultimately that means you're taking more damage than you can handle.

    Now while the simplest solution would simply be to avoid situations that would get you blocked in, it's not practical with your build.

    As you're taking too much damage, your two key points to focus on is reducing damage taken and improving damage.

    Reducing damage may seem straightforward, but in D2 game mechanics it can get more complicated, especially when factoring in integer damage reduction.

    Improving damage can works in a few big ways. By improving damage signficantly, life leeched per hit is also increased (assuming you have leech equipment sources). Also, increased damage in its own way can help reduce damage taken as you kill faster, hopefully reducing hits taken in the process.

    If you're having difficulty, the easiest solution would be to simply reduce the player number. However, whatever problems you're facing in NM are bound to resurface in Hell, so it's better to address it now. There's no perfect blend of offense/defense as players have their own preference.

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