I´m Back!


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I´m Back!

Hi all!

Aaahh! At last I´m back on the boards after an unfortunate incident which rendered it impossible for me to post here. Last week I changed my E-mail address, which resulted in me being unable to even login! Well, I guess the admins read my message and reinstated me into this great place. Thanks you guys! :)

Now for a question: Where do I download the Fara program? If someone have the link it would be most appreciated.

GREAT to be back! Missed this place... :)
Drink are on me at the EMB! CHEERS! :drink:



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What is this? An hour and no one has welcomed you back? I'm must correct this.

Welcome back BeatMaster!!! :):clap:


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Welcome back! It is a Sunday and must be slow traffic around here today.


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Hi Beatmaster, glad to have you back. I guess it's super Bowl Sunday so it's kind of slow here.

Takis (El_Greco)