Hydra or not?


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Hydra or not?

I'm going with the MeteOrb guide at the top of the page, and i was wondering if hydra would benifit? I was thinking of going with these fire skills...

Meteor 20
Fire Ball 20
prereqs 4
Warmth 1
Fire Mastery 20
10 hydra

I should be finished around 90 i think. but from there on i would add to hydra or fire bolt...keep in mind that fire bolt would be lvl 1...

Because in baal runs i was thinking of summoning as much hydra's as posible, than spamming meteors' and that should be able to kill them all before other characters get a chance (meaning i get as much as posible experience. which is an extra 10%)

Would Hydra do enough damage to weaken/kill monster in hell?
Would hydra's benifit this build?
And How much hydra's could i summon at Clvl 10? how much at lvl 19?

Thanks before hand,


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personally the most beneficial skill i found with meteor builds is glacial spike. this is because it freezes them in place so if u misfire the meteor a little behind em u can hit em with that so the meteor still hits them. plus it helps a lot. sometimes u get monsters that run so damn fast its virtually impossible to hit them with a meteor (for example, any monsters around a unique that has the extra fast mod).

even with 20 fire mastery and the synergy from fire ball, im not sure 10 points in hydra would help a lot. it may help in that monsters in hell heal pretty fast and it may help curb that, but im just saying ur skill points may be better spent elsewhere...but then again that would depend on what ur other skills were besides what u listed.


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You'd be better off pumping meteor + synergies, as the guide suggests. FO slows down monsters enough...Glacial Spike is another possibility for the freeze'em and burn'em ...as previously suggested. Hydra's kind've a slow burn for PvM, vs the devestating impact of a fully synergized meteor.



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holy moly someone agreed with me!


keep in mind glacial spike isnt about doing damage, its about making ur main skill more useful. wont do u much good to have hydras hanging out spitting fire bolts when u are running from a fast monster and they keep outrunning your meteor, because those some monsters are most of the time going to run fast enough to where the hydras are firing behind them, which doesnt do u much good. even 1 skill point in frozen orb and paying the 4 or 5 skill points to get to it in my opinion is better than dumping 10 into another skill that wont do much for you.


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If you have a good mercenary to tank for you (or some barbarian since he's talking about pubbie baal runs) then you shouldn't worry about not hitting with meteor. For baalruns stacking that meteor in-between the monster waves is really cool, might even be better than placing 5 hydra's. So yea i'd go for max meteor dmg. Might even want to add to inferno for more burn dmg if you plan on doing that a lot.