hydra any good?


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Its never going to be as good as a fireball sorc, but it can be a very fun build to play.


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I've used it to good effectiveness through hell. It really takes down single stationary targets VERY fast. Hydra is all about placement. Its also a very safe build. Fun as well.

The damage doesn't look good, but when you have 4 hydras spitting out 3 fireballs per second at 1k or even up to 2k damage, it adds up fast - 12k to 24k a second.

You have to look at how the skill works before deciding how useful it will be. Comparing numbers just won't do it.


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but from what it looks like u would need to max fireball fire bold, and fire mastery as well as hydra to get anywhere near doing 1k damage per fireball. so basically what ur telling me is that its usefulness is the same as firewall's, good against stationary targets, not as good against moving ones.


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Yay Hydra

I love sorcs but I was despondent about her solo ability in hell. I made the usual meteorb and stuff but still just wasn't satisfied. I strayed onto other types besides hammerdin and only found skellimancers to my liking. I recently started a trapin then I realized that she is still basically 1 type, so now Im back to my beloved sorcs and I'm doing a pure hydra build just for the fun of it.

Yes, the numbers don't look as good, if you just look at the numbers. Pure meteor with +10 skills does like 17000/1350. Pure hydra does 1800 per spit, but with at least 4 groups spitting at once, that's about 4*3*1800=21600/sec? Not too bad. Oh yeah you will also have a fireball that does about 8000 pts that you can spam between hydra timers.

Hydras are a slower style of play. It takes time to spawn 4 or 5 groups of hydras. You have to like to watch them spit, or else you will hate hydras. I happen to love watching them, or use them from a screen away.

Hydras are "adorable" in that they try very hard but they are stupid. They will keep firing at fire immunes or at walls (with monsters behind them). Of course, I'm seen sorcs doing the same (firing repeated meteors at fire immunes) or not using static in a normal game, or when I tell him to do so they do it from 1/2 screen away with 1 static pt. Not sure who's smarter now.

Anyways, this is becoming a rambling post. I do have a question, where do pure fire sorcs go MF?

Remember, this is a game, so play what makes you happy, even if it's not the BEST build. I would say Hammerdins are the most broken build in terms of power, so if you want power go for that. I personally hate not really know where my spell is going.


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Mausoleum is the on of the best for pure Fire, if not THE best. I have a Hydra sorc and people seem to love me on Black Soul Infested parts of Act 4 and World Stone. Hydras don't really have problems with moving targets and they whoop the hell out of bosses while you run away from them ;)
In general I think a traps sassy is better if she can do a little melee, but lightning traps can't hurt Black Souls which are pretty much the most deadly packs in the game. I guess I am saying it depends where you will run, some places traps sassy is better and others Hydra is.


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Almost done with max hydra sorc

Got all the stuff maxed except firebolt. I must say that while it's fun, it is definitely underpowered compared to meteor. Here's why:

1) 2 sec timer for hydra vs 1.2 sec timer for meteor. Both takes a while after casting to actually hit.

2) fireball synergies with meteor but does not with hydra (ie, fireball gets more damage with meteor points but not hydra points).

I think if they can cut the timer and increase the duration of the spell, but cap the # of groups of hydras to 5 (or even 6), then it would be more balanced. I don't think it would unbalance hydra, since trapsins can throw 5 traps down quickly and have all of them fire at once.