Hybrids The New Super/Flexi/Cookie Build?


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Hybrids The New Super/Flexi/Cookie Build?

I feel that Strafe/LF hybrids have alot of potential from the information that I have read in the amazon forum. It provides great flexibility no matter the monster combinations that u face.

Crowd control can be obtained with LF and LI immune monsters and bosses with strafe. Well, theoretically anyways. I'm planning to make one and I need some feedback to viability, practicality and power of the build from players who have gone down a similar path.

In the end my point distribution will be like this:

20 LF
20 Strafe
17 Valk
8 CS
5 Penetrate
1 D/A/E
1 in all pre-req

I would proceed with getting CS to 8 and all the pre-reqs to LF & Strafe in the early levels. Work on strafe till lvl 30 and then max LF from there. Add points into valk until she's lvl 17. Then max out strafe after that. Points after that will go to FA.

I would like ur opinions as to the effectivenes off the build and also how I work my way up the skill tree. Is it necessary to put so many points in LF so early? I'm also worried that I wont be able to kill act bosses and especially the ancients in Hell level when I get there... this is completely untwinked but i will be doing mf runs often especially Meph... that is why I chose to max LF ASAP so it can take me through normal and nm since it isnt equipment dependant...

I also heard hat charged strike is excellent vs bosses, can anyone verify that? thanks so much for any feedback, comments or improvements I can make! =)


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Charged strike is definetly awesome for bosses. Not too big a fan of strafe, would go freezing arrow instead, but to each their own. If you do stick with strafe, pumping valk may be worth it, as she can now kill things and you don't have to continually recast. Casting delay ruined that last option anyway.


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You'd def. need a lvl 17 valk (17 total w/ plus skills n' stuff) if you're going to strafe, it protects from the death that is strafe-lock.

(And when is having two tanks every bad!


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how untwkd?

youll be on alot of trouble, even NM is a real pain without some exceptional gear..

(i also prefer the FA + lighting build.. not a fan of strafe)

defienetly get valk up high (i think it was 24 for the rare ammy (last item she gets) so i guess stick with +skill gear whenever possible since thats ur power, even if it means a sacrifice in res/life/def.. try to stay far from danger.. im sure u plan to do that.


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Figure I'd better post a response from someone who is a fan of Strafe, just to give you the other end of the spectrum.

CS is an excellent Boss Killer, especially Act Bosses...problem is, with LF and CS as your main attacks, you're limiting your flexibility vs LI's, especially Bosses.

Me, I've always been a fan of versatility, and Strafe will give you not only a way to deal with LI's, but also bosses, which it works very well on...Diablo, Baal...Lister...they all go down fairly easily with a good Strafe. Here's why...A maxed Strafe now fires a minimum amount of arrows, so even if you have a single target, you'll fire multiple arrows, scoring multiple hits per sec on that single target.

A good damage, fast bow will take care of Strafelock...the faster your volleys, the less time spent in Strafelock.

I'd also pump a few points into Freezing Arrow...it's not neccesary to max it, and you'll get decent damage and you'll be able to freeze the baddies and then Strafe'em at your leisure. If Freezing Arrow isn't an option, I'd make your bow a WWS. The mods on this bow are too good to ignore, (slvl 20 MA, Amp damage, DS per clvl, +40 to resists) and it's one of the best PI/Boss killers in the game IMHO. Socket with Shael/Nef, upgrade if possible and you're good to go.


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This is very close to my own build, which I think works very well. As you say, CS will deal with bosses even if it's not maxed.

The only reason I'm not 100% satisfied is that Strafe, LF and CS benefit from very different things in your passive tree, stat point distribution and equipment. Strafe benefits a lot from Penetrate and Critical Strike which is no big deal for LF and CS (helps a bit with leech). Pierce is good for both Strafe and LF, so I suggest putting points here - though it won't help CS at all. LF needs big leech (or points in energy), Strafe doesn't. Strafe needs good dex (for AR and damage), LF and CS don't. With LF and CS you can depend on resists and block from a shield - with Strafe you're more vulnerable and will benefit from more points in D/A/E (especially as Strafe will have you stuck in one point for a while). Lastly, this build costs a lot of points in attacks leaving only few to pump in the passive tree.

If i were to remake, I think I'd keep the Strafe investment to a minimum and use it solely as a back up, tuning my stat points, passives and equipment to LF and CS.

Much as it pains me, Strafe is just too weak for Hell in multiplayer games. A Strafeazon can hold her own with a decent bow in solo games, but the huge hps of monsters in big games make her unplayable (or at least unenjoyable).

Xiamet said:
Strafe will give you not only a way to deal with LI's, but also bosses, which it works very well on...Diablo, Baal...Lister (...)
A good damage, fast bow will take care of Strafelock...the faster your volleys, the less time spent in Strafelock.
Strafe has a next delay - so if you're trying to take down a single opponent with a very fast bow, normal attack will be better than Strafe. Even with a slow big damage bow, taking down bosses with Strafe is a pain. It will work for the occasional LI boss - but a better alternative might be to use some CB equipment and stick to meleeing.

Good luck!


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Have to agree with sasja here. Guess it depends if your SC or HC but I have the exact zon your talking about right now including an upgraded WWS. Looking at finishing maxing my CS right now, 3 points to go. Was going to try keeping my dex at 75%block with rhyme grim and see what it did to my one point strafe and that just don't cut it. If you have a decent lightning fury your going to wipe out the whole screen in a couple of throws except for the light immunes, so you really won't be using strafe that much.

All of this depends on what you are wanting to do in the endgame as to how you build your zon. CS is such a great boss killer and the next delay on strafe and the high AR required are kind of a pain. For pit runs it might be ok, but freezing arrow and your always hit guided can take care of the light immunes pretty well while Valk tanks. So it is kind of hard to really get a viable strafing hybrid in HC. You have to give up life for dex. Or give up some skillpoints for penetrate. That is kind of a lot to give up for a secondary attack. Of course having said that I'm still looking at trying it because strafe would be pretty fun in the pit and i already have one point in it. But freezing arrow just seems to work so much better. Failing that guided for the leftovers from lightning fury.


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I had built this hybrid and I can assure you it is definitely viable and killing speed is very fast yet versatile. I am using an upgraded Buriza and it take cares of all the LI easily. Do not forget the 1 point you have in Guided as prequisit, it has it use in some situation, like the monsters scattered too far, or when you would like to specifically kill those reviving/healing/spawning monsters first.

It may not have the power like CS in killing bosses, but you will not have the fear against those LI (Black Souls) yet you still can kill faster than some bowazon with Fury.

My build:
20 LF
20 Strafe
10 Critical
5 Pierce (will make it 10 later)
5 D/A/E
Rest in Valkyrie (or some more in D/A/E)

180 str (to wield upgraded buriza 90-400+ dmg :p)
300+ dex
100+ vit


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I'm making a Lf javazon and what i'm planning on doing is using impale on things like bosses and LIs. Between a lvl 17 valk and act2 merc, plus the option of throwing up a decoy, i don't think i'll have to worry to much about getting hit a whole lot.

I had a hybridzon from 1.09 and i had major problems killing in A5 hell in single player with a buriza using guided arrow, but using lvl 21 LF and bad mf gear i still destroyed anything that wasn't LI.


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Muire said:
I had a hybridzon from 1.09 and i had major problems killing in A5 hell in single player with a buriza using guided arrow, but using lvl 21 LF and bad mf gear i still destroyed anything that wasn't LI.
In 1.09 where Guided Arrow can pierce up to 4 times, I could not believe you have major problem killing monsters even in single player? At that time, even the Physical Immune could not stand the piercing Guided Arrow from Buriza because of the multiple Cold damage per arrow and you can have as many arrow piercing the monster as you like.