hybrid weapon help please!


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hybrid weapon help please!

I was wondering if these 2 claws would work on a hybrid assassin:

suwayyah with +3 lightnign sentry +2 dragon flight
feral claws with +3 sentry +1 wake of inferno

my question is....which one do i socket Chaos with..and which one with Fury?

Or woudl these claws be too slow? Should I be looking for runics instead? (its so hard to find claws.....grr) and whats the ias i need to reach the ideal trap laying speed?)

If anyone knows... please.... :(


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Re: hybrid weapon help please!

check the ww ghost sticky in this forum. it has a section explaining WSM + IAS and trap bps.

but off the top of my head, ideally you'll want to wsm bug with a suwayyah and GT.