hybrid throw/ww in pvp, what are the weakenesses?


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hybrid throw/ww in pvp, what are the weakenesses?

Since my idea of a conc'er was blasted out of the water, this is another neat idea that i've had fun with in the past {but pre 1.11}.

There are two major variants to a throw/ww hybrid in my head; focus on ww with minor throwing switch, or focus on throw with minor ww switch.

I tend to think that the first {ww focus}, is just a basic ww barb with a lacerator + stormshield or 2x lacerators on weapon switch, with maxed throw mastery with 1pt in double throw, or a splite between the two {for best %ar yield}. I also dont like this idea as much.

I would most likely go with the second;

Imo it would be more fun to have a thrower with a minor ww switch {mainly to utalize the advantage of the ww skill when its needed}. The major weapons would be lacerator + ss {or 2x lacerators depending on duel}, with a big fat ww weapon switch {ebotd gpa or beastz + griefz}.

The skills would be;
~20xdouble throw
~20x double swing
~20x throwmastery
~20x bo
~10x axe mastery & ww {possibly 1x in each & work on shout more}.

Gear is obvious, except for the ww switch;

I know that lacerator has a range 1 and poor damage for melee, but it does hit the last ww breakpoint & has a ton of open wounds. If i get an amp off the damage wouldnt be too horrible, but thats if i get a hit, and if i'm ww'ing, i'm most likely dueling a paladin or another barb - which means they will have defense - which means throwing wont happen to much.

So would it be good to get my weaponswitch for diferent ww weapons? I'm very used to dueling with 2 hander ww barbs, and have alot of practice in with dueling bvc's with my ww barb who first used an ebotd ghost spear & later a gpa. If i would only have to duel other pallis & barbs with my ww switch, i feel safe that i'll be ok without a shield.

On the other hand I can use the standard greifz+beastz. The axe mastery would help my lacerator if i couldnt get to a weapon switch in time also. But i'm not too groovy with greifs yet.

Or i can just use lacerator as a ww weapon when I need to. This sounds more fun, as i can keep a wc setup on switch {i dont like stash runs for prebuffing}.

Now, with the basic idea out of the way...which classes would rip this proposed build apart? {Assuming i knew when to use a shield & 1x throwing weapon vs doublethrow}.

Would it just be better {opimal, not easier} to just get a widowmaker and throw it on a bvc?

Von Lazuli

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WW/Throw is a fun build. I had one a while back (then I sold my Fort and focussed on assassins...).

Things that rip it apart?
Wind Druids
Good Casters
Decent Trappers
BvC (They have a better WW than you...)

The rest are ok, although I had problems with bowazons on occasion.

I built a somewhat balanced Throw/WW build.
20 Throw Mastery
20 Double Swing
1 Double Throw
18/15 Axe Mastery/WW split
20 Battle Orders

I am still unsure if I should have used Enigma over the Fortitude though, as Teleport has infinite uses, but as it is, with the Fort I was hitting 3.4k max WW with 2x Lacerator.

Good luck...