Hybrid Strafeazon


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Hybrid Strafeazon

Ok, here we go from scratch. I have a pretty good number of resources before me so just tell me what's optimal (I have access to enigma, BOTD bow, Wf, Eagle, CoH, etc etc)

I'm thinking equip wise

WF or BOTD Bow (I'm thinking botd I have some nasty mf/ias/kb gloves, yum)
Perf Nagel~
KB, 20ias, 23% mf, 23% fire res (other crap mods)
Atmas (or something w/ mf? still thinking on this one)
War Trav~
Thundergod's Vigor~
CoH? Enigma? Hrm.

Those items marked with a "~" I am pretty sure I'll be keeping no matter what.

On switch, lidless (hmm?) and eth titans.

20 Strafe
20 Valk
"Enough" Penetrate
"Enough" Pierce"
"Enough" Critical Strike
Nothing in ice tree (I've discovered the amazing lameness, imo, of FA, wow)

Either lit strike, or lit fury? Which to synergize? That's to be advised to me, specifics on pentrate/pierce/crit strike... tell me those too (I'd imagine less pentrate if I go w/ BOTD bow, -20%req, and +30 attributes frees up quite a good stat points for dex)

Obviously might merc with the normal stuff.

Here's the catch, I am planning on running diablo/baal with my friend, who is playing an avenger. This is one of the main reasons I'm using lit strike/fury, w/ convict, a ton of lit damage and a lot of bolts, well it means alot of death. I am just hoping that scrapping my lvl 78 strafeazon/icemaiden was a good idea. Otherwise I'll be kickin' myself. If I've been skimpy on any sort of information just post here and ask for it! (Yeah I'll be full of 7%smfcs, blah blah blah)

Also, any ideas to gauge my MF/killing speed well? Especially since I'll be partying with my friend. Thanks for the advice!


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I am playing a similar build after scrapping my strafe immo zon.
And decided to go with strafe-charged strike
I won't get into equipment, as you have way better stuff than me,

I am using Buriza/Upgraded WWS and titans on switch.

My skills are:
20 Strafe
20 Valk
1 Penetrate
1 Pierce
1 Critical Strike
1 Avoid/Dodge/Evade
1 Freeze Arrow (just as a immobolizer not for damage)
20 Charged Strike (20 lightning bolt for synergy and against rare phy immunes when I need to go long range as its 100% lit dmg)
With all the pre-reqs this came out to the magical 96 skill point mark. (Level 85 /w all skill quests)
(I would have wanted to put more into avoid and penetrate, but points were scarce as I went with charged strike and wanted to synergize as much as possible.)
With atleast +4 skills this seemed to work well.

This build destroys Diablo imho, I can run the chaos sanctuary in my sleep solo, 2 players games shouldn't be any different.
Strafe Strafe and Strafe, and switch to Charged Strike on diablo, 5minutes maybe a run.
Baal seemed a bit longer as he always knocks you back stopping the quick kill and my CS isn't fully synergized.
I haven't tried it out with a high dmg spear yet, as I like having the shield when I do close in for melee, and the titans boosts my dodge skills enough where its rare to get to hurt unless surrounded and stuck in dodge lock.
If I could do it over, i'd stop at 17valk and put a few more into penetrate,
as I have massive AR problems, and have to use my 2nd ring slot and half my charms for AR.

I think CS if you can spare 20 points atleast for synergy is a great boss killer, YMMV.

As long as you don't ignore your AR to badly, and get a half way decent resist (fire needed most in chaos sanc), you should be able to run it while loaded with MF still.
The only problem is losing your might merc to the curse, But I use Monster Flees from upgraded rattlecage to keep them damn liches away from my boyo.


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Light Strike, or Fury?

It seems a simple enough question for a hybridzon. I don't think I can quite max them both for synergies can I?

10 or so for valk (+2 shako, +2 CoH, +2 titans, +1 Lidless?)=17
20 Strafe
3 pre-req in bow tree

At least 9 single points into P/M Tree (not including valk)

5 pre-req in Jav tree for either LS, or LF, 20 points in one of those.

That comes out to 67 points. So let's say I add 13 points to various P/M skills for a total of 80 stat points. At level 85 I'd have 17 skill points left over, if I am thinking correctly (someone correct me if not) So then I could but some points into the other lit. skill for the synergy right? max them both at level 90 or so?

Hmm, it seems like with so many skill points I'm missing something vital here...
I don't need too much in pierece as it'll be at ~10 or so anyway.

Thanks for the feedback guys! I appreciate it.


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I hate to bump my own post but uhh, anyone have an idea about this? I'm sorta getting up there and I don't wanna screw up my skill points again... thanks.


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Im assuming that this Zon is PURE PvM

I suggest that you go with lightning fury just because it has range and a lot more potential dmg. Considering that you have many +skills LF should be a lot better against groups of enemies.

The problem with lightning strike is that its close range. It also only hits a small group (10 monsters). For diablo runs you will definely run into a group of 30 Venom lords that have quite a bit of life. Your lightning strike means that you ill have to face all those Venom lords close range. You will lose a tom of heath and killing those Venom lords will be a problem.

One more thing, lightning strike is a bit weak without its synergies expecially against monsters. And if you have low resistance you will not do well against big elemental monsters like Venom lords.

Personally, I'd go with LF cuz of range and no need for synergies.


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i'd go with LF. i had a hybridzon from 1.09 that still kicked *** just so long as i didn't go up against LIs. Her LF wasn't synergized at all and it still smoked when it came to groups. When she had to use her bow was when she sucked super bad, non upgraded buri btw.

lvl 20 Lf with titans.


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I made up a quick skill point chart. i'm working on making one of these zons now, too. This how i'm gonna be doing my guy.

20 strafe
4 prereqs
20 LF
3 prereqs
6 Critical Strike
7 penetrate
2 Dodge
1 Avoid
2 Evade
1 inner sight
1 slow missles
5 Decoy
17 Valk

i didn't do the synergizes for LF becuase i don't find them to be worth the points. only 1% increase

the 5 in to decoy are for valks synergizes and doubles its life.

dodge, avoid and evade are all at 24% with no + skills.

this only uses 96 skills points. all points above this i would either put into decoy, pierce or penetrate. you could put points into valk instead of decoy but i would mainly pump it only to increase its life.

as for you stat point allocation i would decide whether or not you want to use enigma. I personally would use a CoH archon over atmas and enigma, IMO, since you get better mods and with the +20 str would give you enough to equip Tgods which in turn be enough to use WF.