hybid pvp ele dru; fissure + hurricane?


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hybid pvp ele dru; fissure + hurricane?

I've been thinkin about this for a tid bit, and I want to see if anyone has tried this / what other opinions / ideas might bring.

First, when I think of a hybrid, i tend to focus the gear on one half of the build and the skills on the other. For a caster, i tend to put the skills towards the more damaging skill, and in this case, it would be fissure.

The skills I toyed with on the calculator were like this;
~15 firestorm
~15 volcano
~20 fissure
~20 hurricane
~10 twister
~10 tornado
~10 cyclone armor

The gear would be focused then on enchancing cold damage moreso than fire, so items like doom & nightwings would be used.

The idea that I liked behind this was that it was basicaly two area of effect skills, one close range with a consistant damage, and one that can be any range with a semi-consistant/random damage.

With proper skillers & gear, I would have maybe these stats;
~lvl 34 cyclone armor {1656 absorbption after synergies}
~lvl 44 fissure {3.2-3.4k damage without facets}
~lvl 43 hurricane {1.5-1.6 damage before -res/%res gear, also only a 30 second duration}

Since there is a timer on both spells, the only use for fcr gear would be for teleporting, which is ok I guess to cut down away from the 99% breakpoint.

This would obviously destroy bvc's given the chance that they dont hit me...

But is the damage to small, even though its duel elements?

What does everyone else think?


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i think it's a bit too spread out........and the damage a bit weak.......in pvm you will have success i believe.......in baal runs.....but i would stick to wind or fire,not both
There are two people I know who have made a "hybrid" elementalist after 1.09. One of them did this:

Max fissure and both synergies
max cyclone armor
max tornado

the other one:
Max Armageddon
Max volcano
max molten boulder
max tornado
max cyclone armor

the advantages of #1:

very powerful targetable fire attack that works especially well vs people with good faster hit recovery or uninterruptable attack (charge/whirlwind) as more vents can hit.

decent amount of elemental damage absorb from cyclone armor

fairly decent tornado damage (1.5k+ which is plenty to beat anything in pvm and will also work very well in pvp if you use it defensively like 09 style necromancers.)
hurricane that lasts a full duration, slows down people without cannot be frozen, chips off mana from eshield sorceress, and intimidates people.

the advantages of #2

targetable attack with both physical and fire damage (volcano) that can be used from a safe distance.

very high damage fire attack that defends your radius and absolutely wrecks anyone who chases you, especially if you can run diagonally south, keeping them directly on the area where armageddon falls.

moderately damaging attack with physical and fire damage that knocks back anyone trying to chase you (the ball will go through you and hit anyone chasing you if you cast it "forward" while running) and also knocks people who teleport on you away (wind druids, their summons, hammerdins)

decent level of elemental absorb.

decent damage of tornado.

full duration hurricane which can stack with armageddon.

#1 has the advantage of an easier to use namelocking skill, fissure. Allows defensive play by laying a fissure, teleporting to one side, spamming tornados, then teleporting to the other side, spamming tornados back into the fissure field, teleporting away, laying another fissure field - can create a radius of fire and physical damage - sort of how a desynching hammerdin doesnt namelock you but relies on filling up the screen with damage to win.

#2 is more versatile and harder to absorb, but also much harder to use - relies on people chasing you rather than you namelocking them. Volcanos really only shine vs bowazons (dudge lock) and low fhr sorceresses.

the advantage over a pure wind druid is that you can play defensively very well with fire skills, whereas you have to almost play exclusively offensive with a pure wind build.

you could also go for a target number - say 3k tornados, 4k fissure, and synergize them accordingly with their most used synergy (volcano and hurricane respectively) and add to their least used (firestorm and twisters) until you see the magic numbers.

hope this helps :thumbsup: