Hurry!!! Check My Amazon!!!

Hurry!!! Check My Amazon!!!

Hello, gentlemen. I am new to Diablo, started playing 2 weeks ago. Over the time I have upgraded my set, and it took me A LOT of pain to obtain my current items. Please review this and evaluate.

Character: Amazon, level 82
Armor: Courpsemourne Unid (defence 1200)
Helm: Crown of Thieves (defence 339, 99% more gold)
Belt: String of Ears
Boots: Immortal King's boots (40% faster run/walk)
Gloves: Sharkskin
Amulet: Crescent Moon (7% life stolen per hit, 14% mana stolen per hit)
Rings: 1) Stone of Jordan
2) Raven Frost

Skills: level 5 Critical Strike, 3 Pierce, 20 Valkyrie, 10 Multi-Shot Arrow,
5 Guided Arrow, 20 Freezing Arrow, 3 Lightning Fury (with a
possible upgrade to 20)

Statistics: 170 Strength, 350 Dexterity, 100 Vitality, 20 Energy

:undecided: Please look at this this and say what items I should upgrade and what skills to promote.


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It's not common to spread your skill points between javalin and bow skills. You'll end up with a weaker overall character as a result. I'd recommend picking a bowazon or javazon and specializing. Hope that helps,



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It would really help to know if you are playing ladder, non-ladder, or single player. Also, is any of your current gear socketed? You could do a lot to improve your equipment. In fact, I would change almost everything (even with a minimal budget), but I will withhold saying more until I know more.

Also, I agree with Paul that your skill distribution is, shall we say, unique.

Lastly, there are some very good Amazon guides available that could really help, depending on your primary attack style.


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Don't know what you guys are talking about. I just made a bow/lf hybrid mainly for pvp but she kills fine in hell. With some +skills lf becomes good since you don't really need to max its synergies, and can specialize on bow skills.
I am playing LoD on non-ladder. None of the items are socketed, but I heard you can add a socket in the Horadric Cube.

Interesting that you would mention my skills, Bjam. I for once find them perfectly logic. The goal is to have max Freezing Arrow for the bow and Lightning Fury for the javelin (I have 17 lvls left, so I just have the room to upgrade LF to 20). Valk as a meat shield, multishot for crowd control, GA for the bosses, critical strike and pierce for more damage. I do not duel, so I just don't need some things, like max GA.

I am perfectly content with the armor, belt, rings and amulet. I could replace the helm for Tal's or Shako, boots for War Travelers or Waterwalk, gloves for M'avina. But those things don't happen in a second, you know...:smiley:


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i made it here as fast as i could.

strafe or even freezing arrow will kill faster than would need to put points into penetrate though...what bow did you make harmony in? i hope a -10 speed bow because it doesn't look like you are carrying much IAS.


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OK, here goes. Superdave is dead on regarding GA and Penetrate and he touches on my biggest concern for you. You have almost no IAS, and that's just not a good thing. I'm going to make some very cheap gear upgrade recommendations.

Weapons: Looks good here, provided Harmony is in a fast bow
Gloves: LoH - about 3 pgems
Helm: Tal's Mask - about 3 pgems
Ammy: Cat's Eye - about 6 pgems
Armor: This one is really baffling to me, as I believe there are countless better options, but here are a few (all available for pgems) Gris Armor socketed with 3 IAS jewels, Lionheart runeword, other unique armors with 2-3 sockets (don't remember names off the top of my head), or even an upped Twitchthroe.


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How about a treachery for a cheap armour? The fade is a great benefit. Maybe not an end game armour for richer folk, but still a decent choice.


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I didn't suggest Treachery because he's non-ladder. That would have been my first choice otherwise.


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Bjam said:
I didn't suggest Treachery because he's non-ladder. That would have been my first choice otherwise.
Unless i'm wrong, i believe the 1.11 runewords can be made on N/L.


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That's what I get for not double-checking. You are right, so add that to the list of highly affordable armors.