Hurricane Question


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Hurricane Question

Hello. :clap:

I was wondering about why some Windy Druids have Doom + Night Wings.

My lvl 81 (will continue to lvl him, only got to max Oak now) Windy has the classic Windy gear, Lidless instead of SS to break the 99% FCR BP because I don't use any FCR Rings / Ammy / Circlet, with 10x Ele GCs + Anni.

It still doesn't do that much Hurricane dam... in duels that is. It's the Tornado that kills most of the time.

Why would some Druids wear Doom + Night Wings? Are they like obssessed with Hurricane dam?

Which combo would be superior, HoTo + Jalal, or Doom + Night Wings?

Feedback Please. :thumbsup:

- Dennis


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haha their cold damage is negligible especially cuz cold/light resists are usually stacked, but i think doom + hurricane just harrasses melee into slo-mo


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Dennis_KoreanGuy said:
Which combo would be superior, HoTo + Jalal, or Doom + Night Wings?

- Dennis
I have a Windy (OrKy_II Clvl95) on the Europe realm with the next set-up:

Crafted Amu:+2 to Dru Sk;10%FCR;some mana.
SS/Spike Thorns("Um")--Lidless on switch
Nos Coil (Bugged)

I'v used Jalal's (Shael'd for 20%FHR) for a long time but since i have Spike Thorns (Um'd) i can use the Shako/Spike combo!
Jalal's whas great for the 50%FHR and the +30 to All Res. but that whas it.
Shako brings a great life and mana boost;10% dam red;+2 to All att.
The 50%FHR is still there in this combo!
I'v lost a little All Res. but that's fixed in my iventory.
I would NEVER put off my HoTo for DOOM!!!

For Fire;Cold;Light opponents i can switch rings;belts;amu's
Average FCR=70;FHR=106



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They are after the chilling effect and the stun effect of 2 sources of cold going off seperated by a few frames.

Also holy freeze has a much larger radius of effect, thats why a HF merc is suggested for windy/dual elemental/fire elemental druids. why they would want the -cold resistance is beyond me, hurricane gives ok cold damage but the tornados and other spamming skills give much more and are much more unblockable. Tornados deal physical damage and are a spell therefore they go through all but maybe weapon block. since they are physical only 50% of their damage can be negated.


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You wanna know Y they use nightwings+doom? To own in public games that have newbies in them. Holy freeze on doom has huge range and they are going for pure damage if they using nightwings+doom. It slows melee too. And in hell games, they would just stand out there and when ppl go and get there body, they can kill with their holy freeze. Some find it amusing. But don't worry, i pwn them.


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I have dual Doom with my Barb on switch and he still doesn't kill naked ppl in hell. Just makes them really slow.

Also Jalal > Nightwing.

Yet to see a Windy use Doom :uhhuh: