Hurricane/armageddon druid


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I know the delay between the two sucks. But maxing fissure and cyclone armor makes it alot more managable. + you can rip out tornados while waiting. I found the oak sage died too much so i went without and was fine. I only tested this for a few minutes but it dispatched of hell trav, and shrenk with ease.

20-cyclone armor
20- armageddon
20- fissure
1- firestorm
1- molten boulder
1- artic blast
1- twister
Rest- split evenly between valcano amd tornado.
1- oak sage (optional)

Dual spirits
Ravenlord helm
2x soj or x2 fcr rings
Maras or fcr druid ammy
Arach belt
Magefist gloves
W/e boots you want.
I uses vipermage armor when testing but any plus skills armor will do.

This build i believe embodies the "blow up the screen" approach. When you have hurricane, armageddon, fissure/valcano, tornado and even ravens going it makes for a crazy screen. Found it quite enjoyable and even hell viable as you have multiple sources of dmg (fire,cold,physical). I did not have a merc active when tesring but i imagine an infinity holy freeze merc would be a rediculous addition. Or even a insight merc for an affordable build. On that note, i feel that this build is very affordable with the worse part being the ravenlords helm, as frc rings are a decent enough replacement for soj and a druid ammy is craftable/findable. I plan on making a lawbringer/vor frenzy barb this ladder (posted a build for it on barb forum). But this may be a very close second build for some fun.


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I haven't posted in quite some time, but I'll give you my feedback based on what you posted.

So the build is sort of an anti-synergetic build, the issues right off the bat being that Cyclone & Fissure only had (+2 seconds/lvl) to your Hurricane or Geddon. This poses a problem because that's -40 points you're sinking to provide +0% damage bonus to your lvl 30 skills. There's 2 different approaches to this:

1) if you're looking to still push this as a caster build, you'll have to find a balance that works. As a lvl 90+ end game build for dueling (I'm not sure what your intentions are?) you could pull this off, but I wouldn't recommend for leveling 'cause much of your skills are unsynergized till you get high in level, or you can just level as a fire druid and respect half way (recommended). What I recommend to start out is:
(lvl ~81)
1 Artic
20 Cyclone
1 Twister
20 Tornado
1 Blizzard
1 Firestorm
1+ Boulder
5 Fissure
20 Volcano
20 Armageddon

...the reason is that maxing out an unsynergized Hurricane is essentially worthless, it wont kill a damn thing tbh not even in NM. However 'Tornado' is actually synergized in damage from Cyclone, so I'd recommend treating Hurricane as just a source of cold damage and pretend like its damage is irrelevant (cause it is either way) and just use Tornado as your go-to wind spell. As for fire, if you put 5 points into fissure that puts you up to 20 sec Geddon duration, that's FINE. You can recast it, its very instantaneous to recast, and you sacrifice little synergies this way. I recommend instead of fissure running VOlcano-- it has a long cooldown and long duration, this allows you to drop it to lockdown PI enemies with fire damage with alt keys and use Nado are your primary dps. This allows you to finish the build by adding the last 10-12 points in either Boulder or Twister.

2) The second idea for you is to rely on CTC (chance to cast) weapon synergies if you want to go Werewolf/Werebear form, there's serveral examples of these builds so far-- the Hungry Hurricane build for example was one I did with synergizing Wind skills and using Windhammer or Stormlash to proc ~1200 damage Nados or ~400 damage Twisters depending on the build you go; There's also the Earthshifter guide by Liquid Evil who used Fury+Earthshifter, I used to play with him back in day and I can vouche all these builds were very effective-- as far as the Hungry Hurricane, if you want to maximize Hunger definitely go Windhammer I felt that was far better for HUnger but if you want more survivability and just want to go Maul go Stormlash.
Again, these are just examples, but it just shows you can go weapons like Doom to proc lvl 18 Volcanos on enemies, you get the FREEZE AURA that would definitely take the place of needing BLizzard, then your build could be creative like running Carrion Rings/'Rain' to proc Twisters and synergize Cyclone and Fissure and Geddon to maximize your damage. These are just examples of using item synergy to pull of builds that would be difficult to achieve, the the plus side is since the spell level is set it mitigates the NEED to be a +skill whore, you can instead focus on just getting the right gear, plenty of crushing blow, resistance, etc.

Anyways, those are some ideas to think about, I hope some of it is helpful. GOodluck with the new ladder season


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