Hunters Guide to NK-ing v1.1


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Jary said:
Thanks for the advice all, and the helpful suggestions. Believe it or not, Valvaox, thanks for the tip on guided arrow 'cause it'll save me a lot of dext in the long run. Sry but its been a long time since I made a bowazon :[
Yes, this forum is about advice... I never have a problem taking a hint, just getting spat at for the concept of being boorish and inane and the grammatical corrections irritate, spell check? come on dude. Look at the target audience of this game too, tshhh... just kids, nobody cares about my pervasive vocab u tard
Some of the suggestions were pretty good, i like the one about using Doom--maybe if I get the income some day I'll try that out. Cham is a good idea for those who can afford those sorta runes ^^. I'll try different strategies with my summoner and maybe someday even come up with a way to win legit... but I doubt it (but its just so much funnier laughing from the safety of town ><)
Thanks for the ideas. It'd be fun to see more summoners too, I always like seeing unique builds... keep trying new ideas all
Thanks for this guide, i actually had a good laugh. If you're really into planned nk-ing (and yes, that's different from normal nk-ing) you should make a Guided-poison-barb. Basically the only thing you need, is a Barbarian, Widow for guided, and an inventory filled with poison charms. The only problem is you will have to go out of town every once in a while, but you have mass life anyway.


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^_^ Not a problem, Jary. Just sarcasm at it's finest. I honestly don't care if you make this build. There are a few people left in pub dueling with honor. However, sometimes honor is dead. Cham = Um so if someone has the rest of the gear it shouldn't be a problem to get. How long is the freeze durartion vs players though?