Hunters Guide to NK-ing v1.1


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Hunters Guide to NK-ing v1.1

I. Introduction

Welcome all, this is the Hunters/Summoners guide to proper nk-ing techiques and abilities that've taken me years of honorable dueling to master (lolly). This guide is setup mainly for serious duelers who wish to take "naked killing" to the next level of unfairness...and maybe even share a cheap laugh or two, who knows. This guide first came to mind from a friend of mine who used several of these techniques to rune, I mean "competetively disadvantage", duelz all over East. The basic strategy involves using Uber Grizzly tank in front of town and widowmaker with plenty of damage+slow to capitalize on tg-ers, respawners,... or players u just plain dont like, heh. First I'll go over some of the suggested stat placement for the build, then cover equipment, and end with some dueling strategies and uses for the build.

II. Skill Placement

The skillz should be placed not much different than your average hunter/summoner. However, since your actual "combat" is going to be minimal in this build, we're able to max both oak and HoW for extra versatility/situations.

placement: @lvl 90 = 102 points with quests
-1 raven (used just as distraction to slow people down from town)
-16 spirit wolves (privide defensive and ar bonuses for bear/dire)
-20 Dire wolves (provide life for all your summons)
-20 Grizzly (increases the damage for each of your summons)
-20 Oak (life)
-20 HoW (damage/ar)
-1 lycanthropy
-1 werebear
-1 shockwave (Bear form used only in certain situations for tanking; shockwave can be helpful for stunning with your bear too ^^ )

III. Equipment

As you may already know, the summons for druids are actually synergized beyond your standard lvl 20 stat points for each bonus +skill added from your inventory. Therefore, the life/ar/damage of each of your pets will dramatically increase exponentially for each extra level added, which is much different than any other spell in this game; therefore for this build we'll need to get as many skill points as possible. Also, since this build doesn't require you to leave town if necessary, you wont have to worry about proper resists/breakpoints etc, so its sorta a relief. :p
This is the gear that you'll need to pwn:

rare druid pelt- any valuable druid pelt with +3 summon/resists/etc is probably the best you can probably do here.

Jalals- probably the easiest and most accessable and most well rounded of all the helmets. Offeres great all around attributes for this build.

Blackhorns Face- slows target 20%; great for picking players off with bow.

Call to Arms/Hoto- get a 4-6 bo cta to boost your summons life, it'll make a big difference for tanking with Bramble. Hoto isn't all that necessary but is helpful for xtra +skills and fast-casting grizzly at players.
Spirit- helpful booster used alongside hoto & cta

Widowmaker 'shael'- +5 guided arrow....enough said, lol. This, used alongside slow and poison, is your "btch killer". You may have the tendency to feel guilty at first, but the first time u light some pally up running back to his body, it'll be replaced with a smug sense of satisfaction >< hehe

Two must have choices:
Enigma- what can I say... low strength requirements, beautiful +2skillz for pets, and teleport/frw in case where you'd have to escape. This is your primary armor for summoning and pecking off duelists.

Bramble (lvl 21 Thorns!)- for once, poison doesn't matter here- as long as you have great thorns damage. The thorns combined with werebear+Bear+oak offers great returns for any barb/zealer who oops kills themself ^^

Arachnids- +1 skillz, 10% slow... what more u want?

Glegclaws- only choice here... with 25% slow and knockback they'll have no shot of getting away...even if they get to their body they'll practically be a statue for your entertainment = )

Marrowalks- for really one reason only...lvl 31 bone prison :D I know, this is getting pretty dirty, sry. This build isn't for the light of heart lol. Nonetheless, if they try to get away... lvl 31 prison + grizzly/widow will finish them off really quick. Prison isn't necessarily a major player in the build, but it is there just in case u slip up and dont get the kill off... I know, sad.

+3summoning ammy- pretty self explanatory
2 sojs or 1soj/raven- extra +skillz are always a good thing, and mana if you'll be quick casting a lot. Raven in case you're afraid of taking cold damage, its always a nice thing to have for safety.

1 Dtorch
1 anni
7-8 Summon GC's
10-12 poison sc's... lotsa poison if u can, if u can't just fill in with lifeys or something :azn:

Tactical Strategies

There are many uses for this build where... actually, nawww... there's really only one-- pissing people off! = ) However, if you're going to be able to do this the most effective way, you'll have to understand how to use the build properly. But once it works, the look and anger on peoples faces is priceless
note: I'm not actually able to see their faces but if I could it prolly wouldn't be too happy methinks.
These are some helpful Hints and Suggestions for NK-ing/BM-ing/all around pissing them off to the maximum of your ability: :thumbsup:

"Hunter vs. ___":

Since sorcs are one of the few builds that are still a threat while "naked", you'll have to be cautious. The key here is to catch them off guard... while they're playing its ok to spam arrows here and there as long as u keep your heels in town. However, when they die and return to their body the first time... wait till they get about half way there, then fire a volley of arrows and take them out. Note: when using the widowmaker, you'll wanna use HoW for xtra damage/ar. When they respawn, there's a good chance they'll not be too happy with you (I know, can u believe it?)...but this is just what u want. When they come back they'll probably be a little cautious and aggravated... The best thing to do in this situation is to comfort them; phrases like these are pretty effective:
"sry, I was just messin'... go ahead get body"
"my 13 year old cousin was at keyboard... go ahead, my bad"
At this point, wait till he leaves and gets about half way there, prison him (at this point he'll be befuddled and wont tele right away) and finish him with a volley of more shots. Dont forget to call him a nub and if he rejoins call him a nub and leave. job well done :thumbsup:

zons are a little bit trickier to nk using widowmaker and slow, simply because they have the ability to dodge. Your best bet here is to use my favorite strategy: Prison + quick cast lvl 40-45 grizzly! One swift bite or swipe will give her the biggest b+itch smack of her life (and she prolly wont get up). Plus... sry, its just so funny to watch them have to duke in out in the ring--try to think of it as gladiator... except Russel Crowe is unarmed and doesn't stand a chance = )

If the barbs are naked, you'll be able to drop them just as you did using the widow/grizzly techniques. However, once the barb comes back with their body... they may not enjoy your company anymore... in fact, they'll prolly try to kick your a$$ and taunt you. For this situation you'll need to swap nigma with your high lvl thorn brammble, maybe even keep in your inventory for quick swap at the bridge. Your best bet is to cast your Grizzly+HoW to make him think you're actually trying to kill him with your pet (however, if built right your grizzly will, in fact, inflict a lot of damage, in the 8-12k range if he gets a hit off). Anyways, when your opponent gets the hang of it, quickly cast an Oak way beyond him in the distance and drop a bear right behind him. As soon as he goes to ww it, quickly step outside with your bramble and let him eat the thorns damage with his ebotd. >< Make sure you call him a newb when he dies, I can't stress this enough. If he doesn't seek vengeance just keep doing your thang. If he gets ticked and asks for a 1v1, tell him you dont have time for newbs and quit and find a different game. ^^ Its all connected to the great circle of ego and gayness that we call pub duels

I know I wasn't able to cover all the characters but this basically covers the jist of it. It's easy to point at this and go "wow, that is the most idiotic guide on the planet" (maybe true lol), but in the end of the day, its just a game and everyone has a different way of playing it. Some people like to mf, some people like to pvm just for the good of the team, some people like to duel hardcore, and some palyers just like to ruin it for the rest of the players that take this 6 year old game way too seriously :D
Either way, If I reached out and touched the heart of a gamer somewhere, that's all that matters... a little boy gamer... I like little boys (jk), peace. ^^


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... I pray this is sarcasm.

But... what's the fun factor of this build? Seems rather boring to me : /


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There's plenty of serious builds out there for characters ^^
I dont expect every1 to like, so its all g :wink3:

This is totally for entertainment and fun value... it was pretty fun to me, I'm not gonna' lie >< The game's only as serious as you make it imo, and sometimes if its fun to you thats all that matters. Sometimes you don't always have to be the best... sometimes its ok to make something different just for fun.

*waste of time, though : /. define? this whole game is sorta a treasure hunt/waste of time, imo. lol. spend it how u want


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guild wasn't to badly made but its the same as the rest. But all it does is gives druids a bad name and as everyone knows we are the best character in the game (btw i'm exaggerating a little, not to much though) and it might be for fun and all but just keep in mind thats what others are doing too. when you nk it takes the fun away.


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But....its funny lol :D about having fun...not the example your setting for the children : /
pfft... all hammerdins, fczons, etc do is nk these days... let each player set their own guidelines... not the forum leaders, etc.


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LOL, this is pretty funny. I remember building a pure summoner and just namelock teleporting onto people with my bear and hearing them scream. I've never tried the whole Widowmaker thing, but it looks pretty fun. Good job, I agree with you: to each his own. It's only a game.


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Jary said:
"sry, my 13 year old cousin was at keyboard..."
You should of used this excuse for making ppl waste 2 mins reading this...

Btw I don't think 95% of Bnet needs a guide on how to be a prick, they're doing just fine as is.


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Btw I don't think 95% of Bnet needs a guide on how to be a prick, they're doing just fine as is.
I agree.

It must have taken plenty of clever thinking and wit to write this guide, but it doesn't work for me.


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If you remove all the bm-stuff it is a funny build anyways. Running around hiding behind a bear is fun. See it as a skelemancer with one strong summon instead.
I'm not very interested in townguarding/general evilness by boneprison/slowstacking etc.

If you used a doom axe, you'd be no worse than lots of barbs though, and I can't understand why it would be "lame" or whatever having an aura or two.

NK is just plain boring, but if you try to go for real kills (yes, hard, but possible from time to time), it is a fun build.


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They dont even work very well. All you will ever kill [or should ever kill] is the poorly equipped randoms you see in duel games. And you can piss those off easily enough with a lvl 8 to take thier gold...

Any actual good dueler will kill the bear very fast and you will find yourself running to akara every 5 mins for mana. Or just get bored of recasting and never use the char again.

If you want to nk, make an foh'er.


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<high fives TheHateSinger> --dropping a giant grizzly bear on someone can't feel good...not at all, lol ^^

LOL, tru tru though

Hmmm.... I guess I never thought about actually legitimately trying to win, hehe, I just figured it'd be way too risky unless u completely "disadvantage them" (prison, slow, etc).

I like that you brought that up though, 'cause there are ways to legitimately get kills. Grizzlys can tank quite a bit of damage too, when using oak at say lvl 45. I'd say your best odds would be going after light casters like sorcs or zons. The best way you'd go about that is to prebuff yourself and all your summons, grab a wiz pike, then namelock their character (like HateSinger said) so u can drop on top of them b4 they can react fast enough. Prolly best way would be to use HoW for 1 hit kill and as soon as u come out of teleport shape into bear and try to shockwave--only reason I say shift is even with wizzy they'd still prolly kill u in 1-2 hits, this'd allow you to take critical damage and still maybe get away with teleport and fight another day = )
There's all kinds of different possibilities but it'd be pretty risky like I said. However it'd be pretty fun to try, I'm all about seeing different ways to kill.
In fact, maybe even try throwing an eternity bow on, drop on them with bear+8 revives... it'd be expensive, but pretty funny to see. ^^


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superjayson said:
considering this is a "nk guide" im completely lost at what you're saying.
If you read the complete posting you would have noticed that with "stuff" I did not only include items, but also the nk:ing as such.

Summary: Funny build is what it would be if you ditched the nk:ing, and instead used creativity being out there and do fair fights.
The build itself (hunter/summoner basically) is a funny build, or at least that is my opinion. You are of course free to have another.


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Mitch Turnbuckle said:

Please excuse my newbishness, but what is naked killing (besides playing DII with my pants off)???
When someone gets killed, their corpse is on the ground with all the items. When they don't have any items on, they simply have near to no resists, defense or ability to counterattack (ofc, casters can attack, but weaker than usual), so nking is like stealing candy from small children.

sir goatscelot

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As stated before, the last thing we all need on Bnet, is a "Guide", to being rude and selfish. You should never put your gaming pleasure above those those of your fellow gamer.

If you derive pleasure from such childish behaviour on the internet, that does not bode well for the type of person you are in reality..after all, we can only judge the type of person you really are by the way you treat and interact with others. If the only criteira we have to work with is via online gaming, and you decide that what is "fun" for you, is all that matters and is above all other concerns, then I suggest you choose another game/life and leave the the game/life to people who actually enjoy the game/life.

This thread is a complete waste of time and should closed. Nothing productive or useful can learned here.


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sir goatscelot said:
As stated before, the last thing we all need on Bnet, is a "Guide", to being rude and selfish. You should never put your gaming pleasure above those those of your fellow gamer.
LOL :grin:

I see a lot of people here have never dueled seriously in hell mode. I'm thinking of the pk1/pk2/pk3/pk4/pk5/pk6... games in particular. For those that haven't, lemme explain - those duel games consist of either/and/or:

a) Groups of friends/clans/randoms that party up and shank people together. Some examples include amp damage bone necs + amazons, BvCs + hammerdins, two amazons together, and every other crazy combination you can think of. Why they do this is unknown - some might have fun, others might need it to compete, while others are probably confusing duel games with baal runs - the end result is the same regardless.
b) People without the slightest idea of what honour or skill means - which is fine, except that they usually come in, host one or two people over whom they have a class advantage and then proceed to attack them regardless of what they're doing - BOing, running to town after killing someone with one life, fighting someone else... Etcetera. In a way they're a sub-category of a), however they're annoying enough to be considered unique.
c) NKers. People don't see a difference between killing a geared-out player or a naked one, as such NKing is commonplace. Some, mostly bowzons, have crazy offensive power but no defense - and as such sit a fair distance away from town and machine gun anyone who comes out, naked or not.
d) Trash talkers. Killing someone after they lost most of their life in another duel, then NKing them ad nauseum isn't enough - you gotta insult their mother too! The trash talkers tend to be either immigrants, foreign players, or third grade dropouts, characterized by their abominable engrish which consists of such staple building blocks as "u ezzzzzz" and "remak plz".
e) Every other type of trash imagineable. "BM" conventions like juvs and sorb are laughable in this context, since everybody and their mom does it. (Well, the juvs aren't -that- commonplace, but common enough.) If you can imagine some gittish thing to do to another player, chances are it can be found in a hell duel game.

Again, any or all of the above may apply to a particular game. The hell duel games are tough and harsh. Honour is dead and assholes abound. Thus you are faced with a choice... You can stick by your high and mighty standards and get into huge verbal fights with someone who'll win by default, or you can take off your pink glasses and plan your gamestyle according to the environment. Thus, we have this... :azn:

It's a dog eat dog world and Jary captures its essence.

I support this guide as THE definitive source for your serious hell-mode dueling strategy. Sticky plz.