Hunter's Big FT


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Hunter's Big FT

I've been stocking up on items for the past little while, and it's finally time to clear some space on the mules. There aren't any bins because I'm too lazy and I don't know the value of items well enough, but feel free to make any offer.
Here's the iso, I'm expecting mostly currency, but if anyone has something from my iso and wants to trade that would be great!

5/5 fire facets
Arachnid mesh
2 sorc skills fcr ammy (res are a plus)
eth elite polearm 4os or none (only none if its max 4)
Currency (specifically looking for an ohm or two and a few ber runes..)



Blade of Ali Baba
Bartuc's 186 ed
4x The Reaper's Toll (all non-eth)
4x Bone hew 297, 301, 307, 311 ed
5x wizspike
Titans non-eth 186 ed
Demon Limb
3x Shadowkiller
Ethereal Edge
Mang Song's Lesson


ormus 3 charged bolt, 421 def (10cold/15lite/13fire)
Guardian Angel 808 def
Templar's might 2 auras, 11 str/13 vit, 203 ed
Unid Skullder's
3x Shaftstop


5x Magefist 20, 21, 21, 26, 30
Frostburn 11 ed
Venom Grip


Blackhorn's Face
2x Shako 102, 123 def
2x unid vamp gaze, both 126 base def
Valkyrie Wing


2x Silkweave 123, (not sure) def
Gore Rider 183 ed
Tearhaunch 60 def
Unid Marrowwalk base 68 def
Marrowwalk 201 def
Sandstorm Treks 12vit/12str 163 def
3x War Travs 30,36, 44
Treads of Cthon


2x T-Gods 181, 192 ed
Nosferatu's Coil


2x hoz both 182 ed
3x Lidless
Spike Thorn
Alma Negra


8x dwarfstar
7x manald heal
2x cat's eye
rising sun


4x tals orb 1/2/2, 2/2/1, 1/2/1 (c/l/f)
tal's ammy
Tal's armor 885 def - pending
2x Tal's Mask
3x Tal's Belt 11, 12, 13 mf

Laying of Hands 79 def
Trang Armor
2x Trang Helm
IK boots
IK maul
2x Griswold's Armor
Nat's Armor
Nat's Helm
Aldur's Helm
Aldur's Mace
Whitstan's Guard
GU=uillaume's Face
Wilhelm's Pride
Naj's Plate
Dangoon's Teaching


Circlet -
2 to amazon skill levels
7 to min damage
110 to AR
16 dex
15 to all res
Damage reduced by 4


2x druid ele skill gc, 1 plain, 1 with 7 frw
martial arts gc w/ 4 str
2x zon passive and magic
4x sc of greed (3 at 9gf, 1 at 10gf) one with 4 cold res


20/13 barb
10/10 druid
12/15 necro


6x mal
3x um
10x pul
4x fal
8x ko
16x io
4x lum
28x hel
4x dol
7x shael
20x sol
14x amn
1x thul

Trades can be done by mule or in-game.
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Re: Hunter's Big FT

This is probably wishful thinking,but how about 11/10 sorc torch and 2/2/1 Tal's orb for 4 os eth cv?Let me know.*Mariachi-K


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Re: Hunter's Big FT

How about if you through in some rals/pammys?

Sounds good.

You can message me in game at *hunter333, though I am liable to be afk a lot. Mule trades work too.


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Re: Hunter's Big FT

I currently have 6 P ammys.How does that sound?My rals are tied up in another potential trade right now.

Edit:could we make that the 2/1/2 Tal's orb?I misread the post.I'm looking for 2 to cold and fire.
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