Hungry Wolf, for knowledge!


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Hungry Wolf, for knowledge!

Heh heh, my wolf just got his first taste of pvp, and so far he's improving. Although I can kill sorcs no problem, I do have problems with paladins and barbarians. Here's my equipment:

-Mage Plate Enigma
-Trang's Gloves
-Gore Riders
-Angelic Combo

Also, I heard a jeweled Griswold's caduceus is the best fury weapon. I'm not positive, though.


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Try too get a Ebotd Great pole axe too vs hammerdins with and it will also be able too kill newb smiter's too.

Grizz caddy is only good for a wolf decked out with like 30+ 3/20/20 sc's

Ebotdz and grief pb are best options too use for a vit wolf.


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I like Grief PB but it's worth about 40 sojs on Non-Ladder now. I'll try to got a EBotDGPa but I'm not sure if I can afford it right now. I'll have to mf somemore.


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Dako which realm are you on?

Also when you go mfing keep your eyes taped open for a 24% fhr, plus to life in a pure amount, and plus to str or dex belt. They tend to eather be rare belts, or blood crafted belts. These belts when you are using a treachery prebuffed lvl 15 fade will remove your need to use a verds belt for its damage redused % amount. Then you can use one of these belts.

See the thing is that plus to life in a straight amount will give you more life then plus to vit, or life by lvl from items. When you change forms, oak sage, and battle orders. Because plus to life in a pure amount gets effected by those skills. Where plus to vit, or plus to life by lvl does not.


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I play on USWest Non-Ladder, however I am thinking of converting to ladder with a Meterorb sorc I plan to be making so I can try my skills there.

I'll make sure to keep my eyes open for that belt.


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Hey Dako, wanna duel sometime once I get my fury/rabies off the ground for practice? Sorry this might be off topic, but it seems like there are no decent people on west non-ladder that I have seen.