Huge Mule Cleanout


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Huge Mule Cleanout

As the name suggests items are much cheaper than before my mules really need stuff gone so without any BIN's PM "Detoxii.a" or the Char name "Detoxii" For trading offers or post on here. I'll also be in the channel name "Detoxii". Sorry but no mule trading just face to face. I have also been selling lots of items on D2 so there is a small chance that an item in this list is gone before I posted this, if that happens I apologize in advance i'm trying my best to keep track><.

Please leave your account name so that I can add you and make an attempt to contact you.

Legend!!!_________________________________________ _____
ED= Enhanced Defense/Damage. LL= Life leech. Ml= Mana leech|
Str= Strength. Dex= Dexterity. Vit= Vitality. Def= +Defense. |
DR= Damage Reduced by. MDR= Magic Damage Reduced by. |
FR= Fire Resist. CR= Cold Resist. LR= Lite Resist. PR= Psn Resist|
MF= Magic Find. Red/Yellow/Blue/Green= Essences. GF=Goldfind|
FHR= Faster Hit Recovery LPK= Life Per Kill. MPK=Mana Per Kill. |
AR= Attack Rating. RA= Resist All. DR%= Damage Reduced by %|
Min/Max= Minimum/Maximum Damage. *life= Replenish Life. |
(#)S= Item's unfilled sockets ex-4s.IAS= IncreasedAttackSpeed|
FCR= Faster Cast Rate. MA= Magic Absorb. FA/CA/LA= Ele Sorb|
FRW= Faster Run and Walk. CL= Chain Lightning.|

Ok even though it may seem like common sense perhaps it will help.


3x Shako, 2x139, 128.
Ondal's Almighty - 174Def.
Eth Blackthorn's Face - 188ED.
+3pally combat skills circlet.
2x Kira's Guardian 62 RA, +93Def, 141(totaldef), 64RA, 110Def, 151(totaldef).
Natalya's Helm +172Def, 20RA, 27Dex, 11Str.
Halaberd's Reign - 161ED, 16*Life, 1Bo:[.
Grisworld's Valor - 23MF, 63ED.
IK Helm -29MF.
Rockstopper - 220ED, 33% CR, 26%LR, 22% FR.
+2Pally, 16RA, 30FRW, Circlet.
+2 Druid, 20FCR, Tiara.
+2 Necro, 20FCR, 13mana, 39PR, Coronet.


Shaftstop - 210%ED.
3x Trang Oul's Armor's.
533Def 14% sup, Dusk Shroud 0s.
Duriel's Shell, 199ED.
514Def 10%ed Dusk Shroud 4s.
Sazabi's Armor, 53 to Life.
Gladiator's Bane, 179ED DR19 MDR17.
Stealth - 12%ed sup Mageplate.
Mavina's Armor, MDR by7.


3x Trang Oul's Wing 184Def, 44FR/ 178Def, 41FR/ 182Def, 40FR.
Monarch 148def 3s.
Monarch 136def 0s.
StormShield 147 Base Def.
Pally Spirit 95Mana 28FFCR 6MA(for CTA combo).
Pally Spirit 109Mana 27FCR 4MA(for CTA combo).
Taebaek's Glory - 205Def.
Lidless Wall - 129ED, 5MPK(1ed from perfect again-_-).


WarShrike 244%ED.
[ETH] WarShrike 221%ED.
2xThunderstroke +2javskills 168ED / Eth 2Javskills 159ED.
Bul Kathos Mythical Sword.
Natalya's Claw.
2x Blade of Ali Baba 6dex, 69ishED/ 10Dex, 80ED.
Spirit Sword (CS) 107Mana 31FCR 4MA.
2x Lightsabre 20CL, 156ED, 5ML/20CL, 197ED, 6ML.
Bartuc's - 9ll, 153ED.
JadeTalon - 47RA, 2/2Skills, 14ML, 191ED
2xFirelizard's Talon 3arts, 70FR, +1 Inferno, +1Wake 263ED///Eth 3arts, 59FR +1Inferno +2Wake 269ED.
Arioc's Needle(ETH) - 4Skills, 181ED
[ETH] Tomb Reaver - 1s, 213ED, 320AR vs Undead, 73MF, 10LPK, 153%dmg vs Undead, 34RA.
4x Wizardspikes. Screw these things they are now Buy one get one FREE!
2x Occy's.
BoneShade +2Nec, +2 Bonespirit, +2Spear, +2wall, +4Bonearmor, +4Teeth.


Hand of Broc - 17%ED
Frostburn - 19ED.
Soul Drainers - 6ll, 7Ml, 91%ED.


Gorerider - 197ED.
Marrowwalk - 180ED +2 Skele Mastery, 18Str.
Aldur's Boots - 47Def, 40FR.


Verdungo's Hearty Cord - 10%DR, +36 Vit, *10 Life, +109 Stamina, 103%ED
x Trang Oul's Girth - +46Mana, +88Def.
Gloom's Trap - 147%Ed
Thundergod's Wrath(Tgods) - 181%ED
Rare Belt - 24%FHR, +25Str, 46%ED, +12Life, 24FR
Rare Vampirefang Belt - 24FHR, 76%ED, +30Str, +18Life, 16%PR.
Rare Plated Belt - 10FHR, 39%ED, +28Str, 21CR, 26LR
Nosferatu's Coil - 7ll.
GoldWrap - 58%ED, 76%GF
Lenymo (my Fav Item in The game<3)


Wisp Projector - 14%LA, 20%MF.
Carrion Wind - 126DdefvsMissile, 8%ll.
7x+ Angelic Rings.
3x Dwarf Stars - 2x Perfect, 1x 13MDR.
2x Manald Heal - 1x Perfect, 1x 5*Life, 7% ML


Angelic Amulet
2x Cat's Eye
Atma's Scarab
Rising Sun
3xCold Skills, 2MDR
2x 3Traps, 3Traps +35Life
3Fire, 10FCR
3Ele, -50% poison Duration
3Poison and Bone
3Arts, +14Energy
3Summoning(druid) +7min


1str 9LR Small Charm
+35Life, 12CR Large Charm
100Psn Small Charm
+18 Life, 10AR Small Charm
11%FR Small Charm
7% FHR 36%ED Jewel
Fire Facet -3%FR, +4%firedmg lvup
3x Token of Absolution
+1Curses, 30%GF Grand Charm
+1Bow skills GC
+1Passive/magic, 6Dex Grand Charm
11%LR Small Charm

||| ----DONE DEALS---|||
6Max, 44AR, 5Str Large Charm Lv 21 Req - SOLD to Pryingopenmine for [Ist+Pul].
100Psn, 3%FRW SC - SOLD to Pryingopenmine for [Pul].
Highlord's Wrath - SOLD to Sausage for [Lem].
Eth Insight thresher - 16Aura 258ED - SOLD to Impending for [Ist+Mal].
Alibaba 117%ED+Trang Belt+Crown of Thieves - SOLD to Droid for [Mal].
Arm of King Leoric, +2 Coldmastery tals orb - SOLD to Jermany??? for [Lem].
40%GF Grand Charm to - SOLD Buka for [pul].
Valkyrie Wing - SOLD to DiabloLikesMMA for [3Pgems].
Soj, Bk4%ll, Arachnid Mesh 91%ED, InfernoStride, Crown of Thieves, 1Ele Skill +6str Grand Charm, Ondal's wisdom, Gheed's Fortune 31%MF, 128GF, 15VP, ALL SOLD to BooTy for [3xMal 2xGul] 2Bonus free Items 193ED skullder's Ire, and Ebugged Shadowplate 1174Def 4s.
Mavina's Gloves, Natalya's Armor - SOLD to SkyStorm for [8pgems].
146Def 4s Monarch - SOLD to jsTc for [Pul].
5%MF SC, 1170Def 4s Lacquered Plate, Tals orb 2/2/1, 38MF Gheeds, 2x Leviathan 23/24%DR - SOLD to Dbun for [2xLem+2xpul+Um].
Rare Gloves 10ias/+2bow, Ebug'd GH 967def, 3x trang gloves, 40MF IK helm, 2x Wizardspikes - SOLD to TCTC for [Mal]. bonus package deal of 3x 4s flails.
Gore Rider 169ED - SOLD to VespeneGas for [Pul].
Waterwalks 209ed 65 life, 50psn 3%FRW SC, 236AR 20dex Raven frost - SOLD to Hoachay for [Um+Mal+Ist] Bonus 116ed 3MPK lidless wall & [Pul] free.

If buying a package deal such as BooTy I may include a free item randomly on the mule to clear some more space.

Finally at the end The Main item's i'm hoping to get for most of this stuff is runes or items of easier trading, Thanks!
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Re: Huge Mule Cleanout

Sorry for the Delay you two, was in the middle of a Realm Down from renewing mules. If you log in within an hour the items are yours however there are no BIN's so it might disappear to someone else after an hour. This is something I forgot to include in the original post><. And if you didn't notice in the first post I just added for you to please leave account name so I can add you for better contact thanks:p.


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Re: Huge Mule Cleanout

I offer 3 perfect gems for the +2 Valk.

EDIT: Ty for the quick in game trade.
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Re: Huge Mule Cleanout

Mule trade not possible?
Please read my first paragraph again. I know you're in a different time zone and if no other offers come in you'll get the items.

And Diablo Pm me ingame you've got an hour before it opens back up.

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Re: Huge Mule Cleanout

+1Ele Skills, 6Str Grand Charm
Gheed's 31%MF, 128GF, 15VP's
Crown of Thieves
Ondal's Wisdom 4skills 544Def 40Energy.

All for Mal?

*so_old / so_old1


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Re: Huge Mule Cleanout

I may accept your offer Booty if you PM me or enter my channel within an hour:p thanks. The items will be yours if nobody offers on them until you get back to me however.


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Re: Huge Mule Cleanout

Thanks for getting rid of so many items booty:p i'll have to get back to you later on the last item stupid realm down I switched too fast or too much or whatever:[.


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Re: Huge Mule Cleanout

Natalya's Armor +207def 2s.
Mavina's Gloves - +47def

How much for these two? I have pgems and some runes but they aren't anything high.


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Re: Huge Mule Cleanout

I'm not expecting a whole lot skystorm, please come ingame and pm me or give me your account name so we can discuss:p.