Hug machine?


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Hug machine?

"The SQUEEZE MACHINE is being used in
schools, clinics, and homes across the U.S.,
and we have shipped them to countries
all over the world!"

They can't afford to take the time to hug and touch an autistic child/grown up? Bah. Scary.


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Yes, being trapped between two huge chunks of wood would sure as hell calm me down if I was hyperactive. :xrollseye

Seems to me like this would be used more for punishment than for a "calming effect."

"Bobby, stop hitting your classmates! Ok, get in the Squeezer..."


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I live for hugs, and I'm glad I don't need to get mine from a machine.


That thing gives me the creeps. What's next, the Kiss-o-matic 5000?

Honestly, if given a choice between the "hug machine" or a virtual huggle from Satrina, I'd take the huggle. At least the huggle is coming from a real human being -- it's the thought that counts. And guess what Mr. and Mrs. Scientist: Machines. Can't. Think.

Ash Housewares

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I am a hug maching, but it conflicts with my being an ***-kicking machine and thus I'm not very popular for my hugging


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The thing is, this machine seems like it would be scary to even get into. I mean, c'mon, this thing is working off of a damn AIR COMPRESSOR.

*Pump pump pump pump*



I need a hug! *huggles Ash*

I theorize that this is the developmental basis of the first Terminator.


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*Huggles Dredd* :)

I think what they're going for is when a person isn't comfortable with human interaction/touch but still wants/needs the feeling of hugging/comfort. And with the person being able to control the pressure and such, they still have the 'in control' feeling they need.

But yeah, since I used to work with adults with learning difficulties/autism, that'd be my guess as to why they made the machine.

But yeah, looks a bit intimidating to me too. Would rather have the real thing :)

Damn, I sure did / alot :)