Hrm... did I screw up?


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Hrm... did I screw up?

I was planning on building an orb sorc, with max TK and a point in energy shield, but when I was using some skills I had saved, I put 6 points in ice BLAST instead of bolt! I'm still lv12, but I don't wanna start over, since I'm playing with a party and we've been working hard on these characters. Here's what my skill allotment looks right now:

2 Ice Bolt
7 Ice Blast
1 Static Field
1 Telekenesis
1 Frost Nova

What should I do with this sorc? Will I have enough points to make a blizzard sorc with a decent lvl TK by say level 80? This is for PVM/MF runs only, very little PVP.


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what on earth do you want TK for in a blizz sorc? Especially if you want her to MF.

Just delelete her and make a standard (and very common) blizz mf sorc.

1 Warmth
1 pre req and 1 into Teleport
1 frost nova as pre req
20 Blizz
20 Cold mastery
20 Glacial Spike
20 Ice Blast
20 Ice Bolt

(it's personal choice which order u max things atfer Blizz & CM - depending on what spell u prefer to cast in the blizz time delay)

Again if u want an mf sorc - either to run meph or pindle - then i'd forget the static - 3 blizz's (and Ice Blasts in the pause) and he is dead.

She is a blizz sorc in the making, imo u have wasted the point in static tho. (i know u said orb sorc, but imo blizz >> orb).

Even in HC i'd go this way - just get your magic armour asap.

(no ES as this drains mana - and with base mana you don't really want another source of mana drain, as a sorc with no mana = dead sorc!)


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Well, I don't have the best computer, so I take hits sometimes. Hence the TK. Static is because I won't be getting to lv80 in 2 days on this sorc, I'm actually playing through the game at "natural" pace.

Rigel Kent

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Energy Shield is deprecated in 1.10, due to elemental attacks being everywhere and Energy Shield's weird mana draining against elemental damage. In hindsight, I'd say 1.09's Moo Moo Farm and Bloody Foothills are the only reason Energy Shield caught on at all for PvM.

But hey, Telekinesis is a prereq for Teleport, so no big damage there.


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What about in Durance of hate, or in Pindle's area, or the physicals on eld/shenk? That's the kind of thing I was thinking of. I'll probably just go for a pure blizzard sorc, it might turn out fun.