HP Sauce. How can something that tastes so bad. Taste so good? der


HP Sauce. How can something that tastes so bad. Taste so good?

What is the mystery behind HP sauce?

It smells and tastes vile. But it still tastes so good for some reason.

I recently picked up a bottle of original british* HP sauce for the first time in years. I had almost forgoten how good/bad it tastes.

* Yes I know. When you brits read that you think "HP sauce? Oi what the bloody hell is that governor? some kind'a pumpanickel?

I have no idea what country it orginaly came from. Says Finland on the bottle but it also has a picture of big ben so..... meh.

So what are your HP sauce stories?


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I like it , though you can get better versions of it from chip shops(mixed with vinegar iirc)


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I was under the impression it's British.

Tastes a lot like worcestershire sauce. Frankly I never saw the big deal, I always find it kind of disappointing. Too vinegary, not enough body.


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That is brown sauce they put on fish and chips, right?

If so, I concur with dondrei. It was entirely too runny when I had it. I blasphemized my yummy fish and chips with some ketchup.


I found a great use for it.

Fry eggs in a pan. Then put some white bread in the pan. Same kind you put in a toaster then add some barbecue spice to the bread while in the pan.

Then put the bread on a plate. Add HP sauce and then an egg on top of that.

Sokar Rostau

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I would tell you a better way (tastier and more filling) of making what you just described, Johnny, but with your 'talents' I fear it may come out of your frypan solid, tasting like regurgitated cabbage and smelling like curry...

At least you're trying, don't give up :thumbsup:


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I'm Dutch.
But I know what HP sauce is.
It's terrible, and must best be avoided.
My Irish mate loves it, but he also tosses a bucket of balsamic vinegar over his supper.


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dondrei said:
Ew, why would you want everything to taste like vinegar?
That's what I said. He stopped that nasty habit by now btw, after I visited him and told him I don't appreciate vinegar food. He now prefers it without vinegar too.