Hows my trapper look.


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Hows my trapper look.

Well I have a trapper with the following gear:

Helm: 'Um' Shako
Armor: 'Enigma' Dusk shroud
Weapons: 'Shael/Shael' +3 trap claws
Weapon2: 'Shael' +3 trap claw
Gloves: Magefist
Belt: Arachs
Boots: Treks
Rings: Soj/Nagel (mf)
Amulet: Seraphs for a +2 skills

7 trap gcs/1 20 lifesc

Plan to get
Another soj
4 more 20life scs
5 5% res all scs

On switch she has:
4 bo cta

Hows she look, anything else I need to hit proper ias trap laying? And what ias breakpoint//fcr breakpoints should I aim for?


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The offhand Shael is useless. I don't know if you use BoS or Fade, but assuming BoS, you probobly have max trap laying. You have 40 FCR, which misses the 42 BP and falls short of the 65 that you really should have on a c/c trapper.

With Fade you almost certainly miss 9 frame traps, unless your base types are good. However you will have more resists and DR, which will be useful because you have 18% DR with BoS on and probobly subpar resists.

In terms of "how its looking" I'd say she's just fine for softcore PvM, for PvP she needs a lotta work.