How's my throwing barb?


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How's my throwing barb?

My gear :
Arreats Face [15ias jewel]
1668 def, 29 resist AP Fort
2x Wraith Flights, 190% and 182% ed
Drac's Grasp
Sandstorm Treks
14/14 strings
Highlords Wrath
2x Ravens
11/14 B torch



13k def with chilling.
So, what do you think? :D


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Drop the unique weaps :)

Ofc they will do for now, but most decent rares ( even magics ) will be better.

Try to shop the magicals at Anya Hell diff. Look for Cruel of Quickness mod, that way you can even WW with them if you want :p.

In rares try to look for, Enhanced Damage ( ofc) , ( Ias ), ( eth/replentish mod) and all the extra goodies ( ar/ma damage on lvl )


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yeah rares and magic are nice can spawn with sick mods, also if i remeber correctly the dmg display is stil bugged for a thrower barb so in reality ur doing 1/3 of the dmg i think.


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Thanks for the comments,

I don't remember the exact skills, but I have double throw, double swing, bo, and throwing mastery maxed. I have one point into frenzy, a few into inc speed, a few into shout, and same for nat res.

Rabbitz, thing is, I don't really have the time or patience to try to get those from Anya/Malah/Halbu.

I've HAD 2x Cruel Harpoons, but they don't match up to my current weapons.

Are you sure throwing damage is bugged? =/ I don't think so, but it might be true.


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I remember picking up some amazing magic winged harpoon from act 5 nm and they worked out better than most uniques, and thats just magic harpoons, The rare ones make me moist they are sooo godly.

sir goatscelot

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Yes unfortunately the dmg calculations for Throw is indeed way off. If you use Fort, the numbers are even more skewed. The actual dmg is about 1/3 of display your particular case, 4k is about what you are actually doing..which is nothing to laugh at by any means.

I am not sure what the formula is for throw dmg calculations, but I am hoping someone here does and is willing to pass on the info.

If you can get your hands on a pair of lacerators( eth would be juicy great!), you will find the amp dmg will greatly help your cause. Have fun with it!


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Thanks Goats, and I have one eth lacerator :p. I found the min damage to be verrrry low, about 1.3k, while max damage is 9k.