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Figured I'd introduce myself.
I'm Neri, newcomer and new addict of D2. I didn't play it when it came out because I thought there was too much hype. Took me 6 years to realize it was justified :)
I've been reading these forums for awhile now, and have posted a few times with my noob questions and you are all very helpful. When the forums went down for a day or so, I tried in vain to find other D2 forums; they exist, but reading them made me want to stap myself in the ear with a fork.
I've been doing almost exclusively SP, with occasional tcp/ip play with a friend of mine. I've started from nothing and am slowly building up some items for myself, still have a huge long way to go though. I've only beaten Hell on my necro so far (thanks Nightfish :) ), since then I've been concentrating on my MF sorcs. Future plans are for a fishyzon and a ubiquitous hammerdin.
IRL I'm a college student, majoring in computer science. I like Burger King's double Stacker and long walks on the beach.
Anyway, hope that wasn't too long-winded... /salute!


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welcome to the forums (just letting you know your shins are in danger) So good luck with that


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Welcome to the SPF! :wave:
Read the stickies, be nice to EU's, and have a drink on me in the EMB.

Again, welcome, and take it easy, mate!

-Drystan :)


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*kick Nerigazh shin*
back to business after a day of work
the other forum are good too


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Hello there. The usual stuff has been covered already: stickies, shins, so enjoy yourself.


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So how is computer science? What all do you have to do work wise.
Cheesedins are fun. Every one likes a little cheese on the burgerking.


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I'm not very far into the CS program yet, but so far I like it. I'm looking to be a programmer. And like lots of aspiring programmers, game programming would of course be my ideal job.. but we'll see. Maybe for Diablo 4... (the one where Diablo's mother-in-law moves in and all hell breaks loose).


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Welcome! Here's your goodie basket of baked goodies and squid relpeant. Don't mind the shin kickers, it's a good thing, really.... though they're gonna get all worn out soon. Meanwhile here are your extra cookies for a decent sized intro and sicne about all else has been covered, ENJOY!