How ya rate my Sin ?

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How ya rate my Sin ?

Hiya, i finished gearing this PI kicker specialist and i'd like to know how sexy you think she is. I've setup a few screenshot in loop so you can appreciate the greatness of the sanctuary aura fx :laugh: !

So 1 to 10, one being the lowest, how great she score ?


Looks like old movie from '70 :smiley:

My critique:
Leather hat is ugly (suppose its shako). Better is circlet or Bone visage.
Shield is ugly too (dunno whats that). Monarch looks better.

Sorry, have seen better.

Kicker with Last wish might aura + chilling armor from Forti and faded, very sexy and sceary!

I rate 5 pts.


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I prefer Assassins wearing dual claws :grin: ! What's more, I've always thought that an Assassin wearing red pants was a nonsense (a bit like soldiers during World War I :rolleyes: ) !

My rating : 6 for the visual effect.