How would you rate your realm's Norm Cows?


How would you rate your realm's Norm Cows?

My rant/question

I have been having just a tremendously hard time leveling my character past 20 right now, I am quite aware of all the cow experience point level breakoffs and what-not, but that is not the problem.

In my realm, nobody makes a decent cow game anymore! It is either somebody who is below level 20 who makes it and hurts my experience points if I party with them topped with the fact that neither of us can level 28 hell bovines very well.

Or, somebody makes a cow room but can not make the portal, the room fills up and nobody can make the SECRET OF MON- I mean the Secret Cow Level!

So how would you rate your realms Normal Cows?


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Non existant.

I usually just look for a game with several people in it, open a portal, and chant/raven myself.
well it seem that your banned....

well lvls 19-20's are indeed the hardest. Esp for a Sorc. what i do is just do quests with buddies until I get to lvl 24, and thats when the fun starts. :D


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what i do is get to lvl 20 of course. Then i get one of my friends that can make the cows but also kill them. And he follows me in random norm cow games and we do it there.

People do get mad but it happens to me in almost every norm game that i make.


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Ahh, softcore cow runs are almost always pathetic. No-one can kill and some newbies run round and lure the entire level around the portal. I get to lvl 21, then do chant/raven cows in a 8player game. Otherwise, i level myself in nm a2, or get a freind to nm cs me. Much faster and safer than cows, and much more experience too. Only drawback is that you need to have a sorceress and you have to have quested to act4 already.


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They're good for getting to lvl 24, about the high lvl chars, they'll get u from 20 to 24 in a few games, i prefer to cow in norm with them around


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In USeast classic ladder, I find them to generally suck, but I sometimes find awesome runs led by a high level. However, I usually cow with the help of my friend's chanter.

I join almost full game. He follows. He chants me and makes cows. Five minutes later I have gained 5 lvls. Rinse and repeat with nm cows.