how would this work?

Goth De Luse

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how would this work?

i have a necromancer that is SP and full lvl 99, he is doing fine but would like ur opinions on how good it is......


lvl 1 theeth(needed for posion)
lvl 1 corpse explosion(needed for poision)
lvl 20 poision dagger(for synergies)
lvl 20 poision explosion(for synergies)
lvl 20 poision nova(main attack)
lvl 20 skelly worrior(to use)
lvl 20 skelly mastery
lvl 1 clay golem
lvl 1 golem mastery
lvl 7 summon resist

my main idea was to...

...have the skellys hold the monsters back as i poision them
...the skellys would do normal damge to balance out my poision damge
...the poision+skellys kill every thimg in sight so it is easy to replace the skellys if neccacery merc is a DEF merc,not a might merc,the idea was to have them last longer for me to poision the sh*t out of them

my items are all sh*t,exept for a venomus ammy that gives +3 to poision and bone and a venomus burnt wand that gives+3 poision/bone and +3 poision nova

what would u recamend for items?
...and stats?

i started this necro last month in order to see how he would do before i make one of the same stratagie on-line,and now im ready to creat

rate this necro 1-10 (1= crappyist to 10= perfect)


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Summon resist looks like an overinvestment in hard points to me, I see you ignored the curse tree completely so you really have to rely on your army and poison to save you, still the build looks like a maxed out poison/summon hybrid minus skills. I'm sure some of the others will have opinions on how to improve your build further.

My tip: get a golemlord's wand or Arm of King Leoric (Unique tomb wand) on switch when summoning the army.


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Since you won't get to lvl 99 (aim for 90 tops, if you get higher = nice bonus skillpoints) you have to cut back somewhere. You also have no curses; Decrepify and Lower Resist are always good (and Amp Damage is a prereq anyway).

Decide whether you want to be a poison necro with skellies, or a Skelemancer with poison to free up skillpoints.

For poison, -%enemy resist and +% damage is preferred over +skills; for skellies +skills are needed. 3 Trang Pieces is a good and cheap starting point --- shield and gloves for the poison stuff, and you could use the armor as number 3 to get the +2 summoning. Arm of King Leoric at least on weaponswitch to create skellies, but it does have +2 P&B as well.

That's the cheap suggestions to think about; "best"(?) poison gear would be Bramble runeword armor and Death Web wand, but both are pricey. "Best" summon gear is gear with a lot +skills, or at least +summon skills --- although you need to balance this with defensive properties such as resists.

Goth De Luse

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thx,i knew i needed some points in curses.too late now,i got every point in the game....

but any way he is killing the sh*t out of every thing in the 8 player LAN party we had last week,even when i was doing solo act 4 hell,so maybe i dont need curses?i dont know.....Hmmmmmmm

any way dont forget to give a rating(1-10)

thx alot! :thumbsup:


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Rating? 5

Amp damage increases corpse explosion damage by another 50%. One point and you would have been slaughtering things that much faster. You also have no crowd control which must be a pain in the butt in certain parts of Hell when you face hordes of massed ranged units. Two points towards confusion would have made life a lot easier in those situations. Congrats on your SP 99 though. I don't think I'll ever manage that.

Try to get Trang's Shield, gloves, and another piece (belt ideally) for -25 to poison resists and +25% damage from the gloves. I'd also recommend trying to get a Death's Web. I no idea how hard it is to get one of those on open BNet, but it's effect on poison damage is tremendous.

Also, are you sure those skills are right? I count 111. Only 110 should be possible.


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Pherdnut said:
Also, are you sure those skills are right? I count 111. Only 110 should be possible.
The char is from a char editor, so maybe he made a mistake. I don't think the game code itself prevents you from having more skillpoints.

Also, I don't think he's planning for open bnet --- there is no reason to be concerned about gear there.

Goth De Luse

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no,i dont use a char editor,i dont even have one

and i dont play open

i have 111 skills becuse i counted a +skill by mistake,sry

Goth De Luse

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by the way,i am only able to play once a week becuse i have no internet,i have to bring my hard drive over to my freinds house on the week i typ this im on his comp. so it is immpossible to play on open,i would rather play SP or the real anyway



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Goth De Luse said:
by the way,i am only able to play once a week becuse i have no internet,i have to bring my hard drive over to my freinds house on the week end.
As others have said 90 is probably a good lvl to shoot for, 99 just takes too long in 1.10, especially if you can only play once a week.

I'd probably shoot for something like this:

20 Poison Dagger
20 Poison Explosion (2 prereqs)
20 Poison Nova
15 Skeletons
15 Skeleton Mastery
1 Clay Golem
1 Summon Resist (1 prereq)
1 Amp Dmg
1 Decrepify (2 prereqs)
1 Attract (2 prereqs)

Your Gear could be something like this:

Helm: Shako
Weapon: Death's Web/ AoKl
Shield: Trang's/ +3 Boneflame
Armor: Bramble or Enigma (depending on emphasis)
Gloves: Trang's
Belt: Trang's
Ring: SoJ
Ring: SoJ
Ammy: Mara's
Boots: Rare with resists.

Merc Gear (A2 might merc to help out skellies, they dont need defiance)
Infinity Eth elite polearm
Duriel's Shell
Vampire Gaze


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Perhaps forlow-mid lvl :
Blackbog Sharp
+3 Poison Nova 'White' wand
Peasant Crown war hat/Lore
+3 pnb magical circlet, rares
Eye Of the Etlitch, +3 pnb magical, Telling of beads or rare ammy

Merc Gear:
eth 'Honor' Lance/Spire Of Honor Lance
Crown of Theives Grand Crown

Some suggestions i could think off - hoped i helped :D