HOW to trade anni

Crazy Runner Guy

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This isn't really pally related, so you should put an OT in front of it. As for the Anni charm, IMO, bliz made them that way so they wouldn't become currency.



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I agree with the poster above me. This is pretty ot. However, if you wanna trade annis than either do it with someone you can trust or find a trusted member from the trading fourms. You can ask a mod to oversee the trade if you want to.


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how about both players stand a screen apart, both drop the trade item on the floor. now walk towards eachother meeting eachother in the middle. this way no player can be fast enough to grab both items.

will be hard to explain this to your trade partner and make him cooperate though :D

Ash Housewares

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at this point I am willing to admit that there is alot of OT in this forum, it just isn't properly labeled at first glance