How to supplu fishymancer with high budget?


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How to supplu fishymancer with high budget?

I must admit I'm a little bit of a noob, but I just rolled pala combat skiller with 41 life, so I'm expecting that I'll get more than 30 ists on europe. The think I'd like to know is how to spend my wealth on making him as good as possible.
I only use skellies and mages(maxed), sometimes revives.

My equipment:
ptopazed shako
bp enigma
arm of leroic
mara 26
rare rings(mostly because of high resists)
switch: Ali baba and lidless
2*summon skillers
56 mana gc
torch 20/16
and some misc scs, mostly mf

Merc(Might aura):
eth reaper's toll 15ll
crown of thieves 12ll

As you can see, I use him for
The question is how to invest those aprox. 30 ists to make him great.
I was thinking about: two sojs, annihilus, and for merc eth fortitude. But there is the end of my ideas.

And one more thing: I heard that there are some troubles with stacking auras on merc.

I'd be grateful for any suggestions.

Lord Nyax

Well now...let's just go through ideal equipment, shall we?
  • PTopaz Shako --> +3 Summoning Circlet with a Life Mod (I have a +3 Summon +95 Life). Stick a PTopaz in it if you want, otherwise PRuby
  • BP Nigma. It doesn't get better than this....
  • Goldwrap --> Arachnid's Mesh (The +1 skills, FCR, and Mana are all nice...). This is only if you value skills over MF.
  • Chanceguards --> Trang Oul's Claws (+2 All Curses, 20% FCR, 30% Res Cold, what's not to like?)
  • AoKL. Meh, a HotO might be a better overall weapon, but in all truth, AoKL is pretty much the end-all Summoner wand.
  • Homunculus. Maybe a +3 Boneflame, but the Homunculus is pretty damn good.
  • 26% Maras. If you don't need the Res, try for a +3 Summoning +life Ammy. I use a +3/43 one.
  • Rare Rings. Again, if you don't need the Res, switch 'em for BK Wedding Bands. The Life on BK is better than the Mana on SoJ, IMO.
  • Ali baba and Lidless. Try for a CTA, I think. That'd increase your life and stuff.
  • Charms: One preface. Skillers are good. Lifers are good. They're expensive though, and not the best use of your wealth, IMO.
    • 36% Gheeds. If you like the MF, leave it (or get a 40%). Otherwise, dump it for a Skiller
    • 56 Mana GC. If you need the mana, keep it, but you should prolly dump it for a Skiller
    • Torch. Your torch is nice, I don't see you going much higher than that.
    • SCs. Obviously you could get better ones, I think you know what's going on...but is it worth it?
  • Merc
    • Duress --> Eth Fort. You have the right idea here, the Damage will probably be more useful than the CB. Then again, maybe not.
    • Eth Reaper's Toll --> Pride/Infinity. The decrep constantly casting must be a drag. Pride will increase the damage, Infinity has CB and lowers monsters Defense.
    • Crown of Thieves. You might want to get an Andariel's Visage for the +STR and %IAS.

Hope I helped out a bit...sometimes it seems that just as you strike it right, you just aren't rich enough...


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At first, I'd like to thank you for your comments, they are very useful.

Well, about those trang-ouls, do you really think they are worth? I mean only good thing about them is that 30 cold resist, but it could be bypassed by some other mean. I dont think, that fcr is such useful for summonner. And +2 to curses? Who cares..

And to all those skill thingies - where is some point, which I should reach? I think that my skellies are veery tough as they are. But I can try to boost them a bit.

As to those +hit points thing.- I die only because of lags and sometimes, when I tele into a pack of oblivion knights. I prefer mana more, because I hate drinking potions all the time.

And to the merc: I really want to supply my merc with some nice runewords granting auras to boost my skellies, so I'd like to know which auras work best with might?
And is there any way to make him IM-proof? I know there isn't, just asking;)

And to the switchies: I got there alibaba for mf and I'd also like some shield with mf to get a real boost while killing bosses. What do you think is the best according to performance ratio? I think that 2ist ali with some isted shield would be nice.

As you can see, I really like mfing...

I know that there are some guides for summoners, but they are all made with respect to low budget. But when I saw here the movie of a guy doing ubers, it made me think of ubering my necro.

And thanks again for your suggestions.(And sorry for crappy english:)


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For your merc, if what you want is auras then......
Dream Helm: Attracts attention away from everything else with pulse dmg and gives you some elemental dmg.
Fortitude/Coh/Bramble: If your into dmg, then fort, if your into an elementally immune merc, then coh, if you want a dmg return aura, then bramble.
Weapon: If your into mass dmg and dont care about frozen corpses, then pride, if you want uber mages and skeles that always hit, go for infinity.

PS. Your english is quite good :thumbsup:.


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Dream helm is a good idea. But I've heard something about mercs not being able to have 3 auras a the same time(including his own).

And yes, I want res immune merc for ubers, so I made him CoH.

I also made the Infinity and everything dies much faster now. Its godly!

P.S. Its good to have some wealth:)


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Merc bug yeah, the bug works like this, if you have more than 1 aura granted from an item on your merc, he will be able to use all (3 in this case) of them UNTIL he dies or you reequip a piece of aura granting equipment. Then it changes to the last aura granting equipment you placed on him. =(


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i found that if you use an insight, you have NO troubles with mana it comes much in handy when your trying to summon alot of minions from a group of corps'.

and i have a question about golum...should i not waist the extra point into fire? does the pulse distract enemies from other minions/merc? could be useful for keeping merc alive.


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i mean insight on your merc..

and also, use a beast doubleaxe. low req, and +lots of str, the fanat aura makes all your melee minions attack much faster, and boosts their damage insanely (paired with might from merc).