how to spawn d clone?. which is the most effective char to fight hm in solo?


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I hope Dredd has read this...

It's been explained several times, until Dredd makes his guide (If he does), you'll have to use the search button or read the semi-guide on the main page.


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all threads before the 28th I think, were lost due to the database crash, so using the search button isnt a good idea.


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Although the guide to DClone was lost, there is still some out-of-depth discussion of how to spawn him throughout the forums. Again, ethics and morals revolve around the whole ip hunting method, so until there is a large discussion on it, big guides are sitting in the aisles.


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1. Find an active server.

2. Enter games, and then use something to check the IP of the game youre in.

3. After finding the corrct one, hope and pray.

If that makes your moral compass sour, then simply magic find/quest/screw around in hell games until you happen upon one that has the sojs sold message. Then see step 3.

Any char can solo him.


Thats all he uses, not counting his cold melee attack, but he uses it so rarely, not worth it to protect yourself against it, unless you have extra slots.

Protect yourself from those three, and he cant hurt you.

Ive personally killed him with a barb pally and amazon.


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snowy_angelaaa said:
thanks. a lot
Lol, it would take me all day to answer these two questions. The first part, spawning, I'm not going to touch right now. I've posted the 'how to' numerous times but until a healthy debate concerning the integrety of IP hunting occurs, I'm going to stop passing the info around.

The second question: Yes, there are certain characters, particularly Paladins, that seem to have the easiest time soloing DC. There is, however, no "best" class for doing the job. Virtually any character, with a little planning and semi-decent gear can kill him. If you guys knew how poorly my Werewolf druid was equipped you would all laugh at me. Yet, he can kill DC solo in 15-20 seconds without even drinking a single potion.

Characters that have the worst time with DC seem to be those that rely heavily on elemental damage -- wind druids and trapsins come to mind. However, if such a character had the forsight to carry around a wand or something with charges of LR, the problem would quickly be solved.

Level is something else to keep in mind, particularly if you are a melee class. I had a miserable time with DC the first time I encountered him (around level 70 or so). By the time I was level 80, DC was much more managable (and my gear was not much better than before).

And resists are important. I've seen characters drop dead to the Lightning Bolt of Death and even DC's wimpy apocalypse in mere seconds. If this happens to you, you need to fix those resists! I can't for the life of me figure out how people manage to run around in Hell difficulty with -10 to everything (unless you're a zookeeper Necro). I hope these aren't the same people that complain (loudly) that hell in 1.10 is too difficult. :rolleyes:

You don't need max resists to fight DC, but +40-50 to Fire and Lit is not difficult to manage. Absorb is nice also, but by no means necessary.

If that whole thing sounds like a rant, sorry. I don't have enough coffee in me yet this morning. :D