[Guide] How to Rush and Level a Character for LLD (and HLD)


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Introduction and Goal:
Hello again, y'all! This may not be news to many of you, but usually a person who's dueling doesn't want to spend a lot of time getting through quests and leveling a character. They want to DUEL! Low Level Duelers (LLD) are particularly touchy because they have a level goal in mind and don't want to over level, but they do want all the important quests (skills and stats in particular). There are much easier ways to rush and level a character than the following method, but they involve time travel. Here is my guide to rushing and leveling a character as quickly as possible in 1.10+.

On Bnet, most people are familiar with these steps, but I wanted to provide this information to anyone who wants to get into LLD on SP. Depending on who you are dueling you may want to keep to just Normal rushed or go all the way through to Hell. I'm not advocating either way, just giving the information. That being said I do not think that a vLLD (9-15) can be done in an effective way without a Glitch Rush (grush), so I highly recommend it for those builds. Some of those builds are impossible without the stats and/or skills you get in NM and Hell.

The job of a character being rushed is to get quests. Common practice is that all drops go to the rusher. It slows the whole process down if the rushee is going through drops and possibly getting killed in the process. Get your quests and get back to town quickly. To make a rush as efficient as possible, try to keep chatter to a minimum as the rusher is busy while the rushee is just sitting in town most of the time.

Rushing Rules to Keep in Mind:
- a character that needs a quest must witness the quest being done (hereafter refereed to as "witness")
- a character doesn't need to be alive to witness a quest, but the player must not hit escape until after the quest is complete
- all characters partied with a witness as the witness gets a quest will also get the quest provided they are in the same act

Rushing Steps:
1. Witness must create the game. Skip all quests in act 1 up to Andy, but give the rushees the WPs for Stony Field and Dark Woods.
2. Rusher teleports to Catacombs Level 3 and clears the first room. Put a TP in the northern corner of the first room.
3. Witness stands in that corner.
4. Rusher lures Andy close to that corner in the 3rd room so that witness gets the quest without being in danger of dying.
5. Go to act 2 and give rushees the sewers WP.
6. Teleport to Staff chest (Maggot Lair), but do not open it. Clear the staff room and TP. Witness opens chest and gets staff.
7. Teleport to Altar of Sun (Valley of Snakes) and clear the room, but let witness break altar.
8. Rusher gives their Cube to witness and has them make the full staff. Get cube back (all rushees will get a cube in act 3).
9. BEFORE the rusher goes to Arcane, the witness MUST speak with Drognan and Jerhyn to open Palace. Have witness place a TP in Harem Level 1. If the rusher goes to Arcane before the witness talks to Drognan, the witness will not be able to enter rusher's portals past the Palace.
10. Find Summoner but be careful not to kill him until witness is present. Mercs will frequently kill him so make your TP back on the small platform before the Summoner's platform. Frequently the witness will die from an ice blast. Stay dead until summoner is dead. Then hit escape and recover body.
11. Witness goes to Canyon and tells rusher which tomb is "real" tomb.
12. Witness needs to talk to anyone in town while they wait for the TP to the "real" tomb.
13. Go to staff room, witness will place staff, and go down to Duriel's lair. If the witness dies, stay dead until Duriel is dead too.
14. Witness must speak to Tyreal.
15. Witness takes Tyreal's portal to town, takes witness's portal to Harem 1, and then talks to Jerhyn.
16. Witness then goes back to Harem 1 and takes a their portal back across town to save walking, then talks to Meshif to go to Act 3. NOTE: This step really helps if you are rushing 6 other characters as they will not have any FRW and walking across town 6 times is a pain.
17. A properly designed LLD Rusher should not have gotten Bird Quest so that they can always get the Bird and give it to Witness. If so, un-party rusher before completing Bird Quest. If you do not have a rusher that can get the quest, the witness will have to kill a champion or unique monster to get the bird to drop (you'll usually wait to do this with your final gear on). There are occasionally problems getting the Bird to drop if the rusher has already spawned monsters in an area. The Bird quest is an important quest to LLD and vLLD in particular, don't skip it if you can.
18. Get to Lam Esen's Tome (Ruined Temple) and clear the room. Witness then gets Tome and completes quest.
19. Rusher puts portal behind Council and witness stays put until entire council killed. If Witness doesn't have Horadric Cube, Council will drop a Cube for each rushee (even ones partied in town). Sometimes part of the council may be too far away, try to lure them closer to witness without having hydras spawn that then kill witness. If quest is not gotten, try again. Sometime's it's easier to open a portal in the middle of council and let witness die. This works as long as the witness stays dead until the council is dead.
20. Witness talks to Cain and then can enter TP for Meph (if all of this is done properly, you can skip getting the body parts).
21. Clear the rooms on either side of Meph's area then place a portal right where the bridge will appear after Meph is killed Have the witness stand there (if you place it somewhere else, you run the risk of your characters dying to a spirit attacking).
22. Lure Meph a bit closer to witness then kill him.
23. Bridge appears and leads to act 4 (ignore the soulstone).
24. Find Izual and open a portal. If witness dies, stay dead until Izzy is gone. NOTE: if you are self rushing, keep an eye on the witness's screen to see the Quest notification when you get close to Izzy. Sometimes Venom Lords that have been chilled by a Holy Freeze merc look like Izzy. If it's a two person rush, have the witness call out when the Quest pops up.
25. Go to River and teleport to Chaos. Open all the seals and place a portal near the corner to the north of Diablo's spawn. Witness can hide behind the column to avoid Diablo's fire circle attack.
26. Kill Diablo and go to Act 5.
27. TP near Shenk and kill him after Witness arrives. If witness dies, stay dead until quest is done.
28. If doing Anaya, teleport to her and let witness save her with Malah's potion.
29. Level your character using the guide below.
30. Win!

Level Progression Guide (Players 8):
1-~11 Solo Den - Cain
11-15 Solo Trist runs
15-20 Complete Radament then solo Canyon of the Magi runs (you can do tombs instead, but they are tougher)
20-24* Tag along on Cow runs (solo cow runs are quicker but require enchanting or using .07 ravenclaw)
24-25 Normal Ancients (you wait until 24 to do them as 20-25 is the slowest leveling progress)
25-30 Baal runs (solo if you can manage or tag along if you cant)
*Note: If you don't use multi instance, I suggest running around in Act 4 killing things for these levels. Any way you slice it 20-24 is slow.

Glitch Rushing:
The quest that you will need to work around to grush a character to Hell is the Ancients Quest. It's what keeps most rushers in normal and is kind of a pain to get around unless you are leveling another character for higher levels. There is a way around it, but it requires a character that is level 20 or higher for Normal, 40 or higher for NM, and 60 or higher for Hell to witness and get the Ancients Quest and afterwards the Baal Quest.

NM and Hell Den can also be difficult to get. Your rusher can only complete the quest once so unless you have two rushers (one without the quest and one with the quest) your LLD character will have to kill one monster in the Den. Enchant comes in handy for this or you can wait until you are fully geared to do it. A fully geared level 9 can usually kill a Fallen in Hell, one just needs to be singled out.

The Bird Quest is nearly impossible to get at times unless your rusher hasn't gotten it. A level 9 trying to kill a Champ or higher in Hell is hard. If you really get into LLD, you'll want to set up your rusher without getting this quest. You can then tool around killing things until it drops, then give it to the rushee to complete the quest (unparty before they do!).

For Glitch rushing through NM and Hell, follow the same Rushing Steps for NM and Hell difficulties, but first level your witness from 25-40 with Normal Baal runs. Remember, don't get the Baal quest without the characters you are glitching (I actually think killing Baal is a waste of time when you're leveling). You must have Ancients done in a difficulty to take a town portal to anywhere past Arreat Summit. At level 40 you can witness NM ancients to get past them so that the witness can get Baal's Quest and move to next difficulty. All partied players in town in act 5 when the witness gets Baal Quest will also get Baal Quest.

Note: if you are making a Mid Level Duler (MLD) or a High Level Dueler (HLD) skip the Level Progression Guide above and do tag along p8 Chaos runs. You will be surprised how many levels you'll gain per run after you've gotten past the level 25 mark. You can get up to around 80 before leveling slows down but if all you want is fast levels, level to 60 for Hell Ancients then switch to Baal runs. If you are Glitch Rushing a LLD, you can also do it this way, but be super careful when you get to 29 or you may over level. You can level this way for 9 and 18s as well, but they're easier to level in normal.

Let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Video of a Normal Rush:
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Thanks! I doubt I'll fully use these instructions, but some could be really helpful when leveling or self-rushing with a new char.

Was this supposed to be NM/Hell?

Some of those builds are impossible without the stats and/or skills you get in NM and Norm.


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I'm not into dueling, but this seems like a very good guide to me. Thanks for the effort !!


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It is in fact a very excellent guide.

I'll never use it, as I'm a big ol cheesy time-traveler, and 1.07 simplifys this process, but for those who are not so inclined it's a top-notch guide!

Excellent contribution, CDM!
I used to be versed in .07 rushing, but never did it myself. You should do a quick guide on it!


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On bnet its usually called grushing(glitch rush) and the "witness" is called a "bumper"

Usually people crush(classic rush) because it doesnt require a lvl 20/40 bumper for NM/hell and then convert to LoD in act III hell.