How to reduce delay in game?


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How to reduce delay in game?

Hi i don't have the best computer in the world, actually a laptop is what i'm playing on, i'm just wondering is there neway to reduce the delay from a click to an action?

e.g. I click the waypoint and half a second later, the menu pops up.
Now i 'v seen videos where people online, click the waypoint and it immediately comes up as if in single player.

I reciever absolutely no delay in single player wat so ever, but back to the main point, need a way to eliminate this delay, to ensure effeciency.

Btw i have broadband, but its through a router


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the delay comes from the connection to the server. Check your ping with writing /fps in game if it's most the time more than 100, check your firewall and virus protection software log. Maybe some packages woun't let be trough or get a insane delay. Maybe you play on a realm on a other continent. Port forwarding on your router may help as well. Or simply your ISP has his own trouble.

I have a ping about 60 but it's possible to have one about 40


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if your on dsl/cable and downloading stuff in the background it will lag more
satellite isnt good for gaming at all, 5kpings are bad imo


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Run diablo in a window, not full screen... i think you go to properties under the icon, and put a -w to the it u'll find out.... it reduces lag TONS!!! and makes it faster to join/exit games (i think this is acceptable thing to do....right? lol unless its sooper 1337 haxzorzing to change the icon target lol)