how to raise strength on a merc to use bonehew?


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how to raise strength on a merc to use bonehew?

this should be an easy question:

I just found a bonehew yesterday in the pit :xmad: - it has a high strength requirement - 196

my question is how do i get my merc's strength up to that level?

I am new to the merc game and am now in the process of leveling my merc (he is about level 50 or so) - his strength is approx 118 now.

Will his strength get there on its own as I level him up to reach near my level (lvl 89 fana/zealot) or do I have to equip him with + strength gear?



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I had to put Lionheart armour on my merc to use bonehew, then I switched to STONE when He got enough str.


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lionheart or 1.10 nat's helm for str and resist. i'd rather put amn on the weapon instead of hel or -req jewel.


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the way to go is lionheart + a good helm...such as nat's [already been suggested]. u could also try duriel's shell. if u wanna lvl ur merc up real fast, try nm nihl runs.


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I always put a - 15 req. jewel in that weapon + an amn rune. It's one of the easiest way to have you merc use it soon enough. W/o any strength adding items or - req. jewel/rune in that weapon your merc needs to be around level 89-90 to use it which is certainly inconvenient.


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Best exp I found for my merc was letting him solo full baal runs in NM once he was able to not die. Had to lvl him from 9 to 85 last weekend :) Could always stick a 3x p amethyst hat on him... cheap and effective for big str boost til he's mid-high 80's and has the str needed on his own.


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A couple of my favorite are

The Face of Horror Mask - Lvl 20 with +20 strength and flee to keep him safe when mobbed

or Naj circlet - lvl 35 with +15 strength with nice fire damage and lighting damage when struck


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Do the efficient, yet not as snazzy way, and just get a Grand Crown with 3 socs and load it up with Amythests - presto, +30 strength.


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Today i just bought two average bonehews to give a friend for 4 Rals and 4 P.Amethyst. Looks cheap to me.
-15% requeriments crappy jewels are always dropping too.
If i aint wrong duriels sheel and a -15 jewel alowes merc to use it as soon as he hits the level requeriment. I have only one bonehew with -15 req and an AMN that i give to all my "newbie" mercs. As soon as they can wear it without -15 req i give them a AMN-AMN bonehew.

When i say looks cheap im not saying bonehew aint good... All my act2 mercs wear one as soon as they can except one that has the reapers tool. I have yet to find one bonehew and i have already 5.