How to OWN all with WIND DRUID


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How to OWN all with WIND DRUID

This Guide is an advanced players build of the 1.10 Wind Druid. I normally wouldn't reveal the information that I’m going to here. The reason why I'm doing this is because my parents stole my D2 from me, and I’ll probably never play the game again. So, enjoy kicking major butt with my build. The build is capable of MF and PvP with the same gear, and is proficient at both jobs. The ONLY difficulty the character has is with Godly TrapaSins, Blizzard Sorcs (see strategy for more information on Druid vs. Sorc,) and Godly WW Barbs. The instructions for the build are listed first. There is a PvP Strategy after the build instructions. The summery explains why the Wind Druid is so Godly, and the power he possesses which is often over looked by most players.

Build Instructions

Skill Tree:

20 Hurricane
20 Tornado
20 Twister
20 Cyclone Armor
20 Oak Sage
1 Summon Grizzly*(see notation)

*Summon Grizzly is a must have. He will keep Monsters from swarming you. More importantly, he will keep Bone Spirits, Traps, and Guided Arrows from hitting you.


Strength: Enough for your gear. My Wind Druid has 77 Str naked.

Dexterity: Enough for Max Block. This amount of Dex will also improve your ability to defend against physical damage.

Vitality: ALL remaining stats will go in here

Energy: This is a WASTE of stats don’t put a point in it!

Two item lists are included. One is a Godly Setup for more fortune players, and the other a Beginner Setup, which has proven to be very successful. Any items that I thought that you might question I have included a notation at the bottom of the list with their purpose. Both items lists have been tested thoroughly.

Godly Items (list 1):

Head Gear: Harlequin Crest Shako Socketed*(see notation)
Amulet: Perfect Metal Grid or Perfect Mara's
Weapon: Wizard Spike Bone Knife Socketed Cold facet jewel*(see notation)
Armor: Archon Plate Enigma
Shield: Storm Shield Monarch Socketed Eld Rune**(see notation)
Gloves: Magefists Light Gauntlets
Belt: Arachnid Spider Web Sash
Boots: War Traveler Battle Boots***(see notation)
Rings: Stone of Jordan ring and Bul-Kathos Wedding Band***(see notation)
Charms: Elemental Grand Charms, Annilus Charm, and Small Life Charms

*Wiz is better then Hoto on this build. If you don't belive me then why read the guide? I have tried both. I have a untested theory that more negative resistances to enemies will improve the stunning effect of hurricane; enemies with a good FHR tend to be unaffected by its stun. If my theory were true then a Doom (rune word) for the 2 Skills, Holy Freeze and Negative 60 resist would own all. In addition, Cold Facet in Shako, but my build is using a P Topaz for MF right now.

**You want to Eld your SS. I know its Rune number 2, but its the best thing for a Wind Druids' SS. SS on a Druid does 67% Block Naturally and Eld will increase it to 74% Nat Block saving you tons of Dex points and giving you more Vita. Ideally the most Godly Shield would be a Jewelers Monarch of Deflecting 15-15 Cold Facets Eld*(see above notation) Keep in mind that changing shields would require you to change belts to maintain a good DR. In such a case, I recommend Verdungos Mithril Coil.

***Both of these items are used for the additional life and other good mods. Remember that the Wind druid is a TANK; no one can take as much punishment as this guy.

Beginner Items (list 2):

Head Gear: Lore, or Peasant Crown War Hat, or Jalals Totemic Mask
Amulet: Saracens Chance or + Druid Skills ammy
Weapon: Wizard Spike Bone Knife*(see notation)
Armor: Viper Magi Serpent Skin Armor
Shield: Whistands Guard Round Shield, or Rhyme Superior Grim Shield
Gloves: Magefists Light Gauntlets
Belt: String of Ears Demon Hide Sash or Verdungos Mithril Coil**(see notation)
Boots: Water Walks Sharkskin Boots
Rings: FCR rings or Nagel Ring Rings

*Wizard Spike Bone Knife is necessary for this build. If you don't have Wizard Spike, and can't get one, I strongly suggest trying a different build.

**These belts are imperative to your success. Both belts can have up to 15% Physical Damage Reduction. Without one of these, your DR is at 0%, and that is a very bad thing.

PvP Strategy:


Be prepared to cast your Cyclone Armor, Spirit Wolves (or Bear,)
Oak Sage, and Hurricane repeatedly in one Duel.

Bone/Psn Necro, Trap Sin, GA Zon, Foh Pally:

Summon 5 Spirit Wolves, 5 Ravens, and your Oak Sage. Cast Hurricane, and Cyclone Armor. Tele or run on top of the enemy, and left click Tornados on them. The Spirit Wolves will confuse the Bone Spirits, Guided Arrows, and Traps. The Hurricane, and Ravens should lock the enemy up if they are a poor build. Tornados will do the killing. Cyclone Armor, and Oak Sage will keep you alive. Bone Necros like to use bone spear when you start doing this. In this case Tele behind their casting.

Melee Builds and WW Barbs:

Do not summon anything other then Oak Sage. Cast Hurricane, and Cyclone Armor. Dodge the melee attacks at all cost. When a Barb WWs Tele out of the way and cast Tornado while he’s still WW. Tele towards Charge Pally and past him before casting Tornado. With Charged Strike Zons, it is likely that you will be casting Cyclone Armor more often then Tornados. 1-2 Charged Strikes will kill you if you don't have Cyclone Armor casted.

Hammer Pally:

Play this one passive. Name lock the Pally with Tornado after you have casted Hurricane and Oak Sage. The Hurricane will usually make them keep their distance from you. Eventually they will be hit by to many Tornados and get owned. Hammer Pally tries to Tele on top of you and cast Blessed Hammer when you start doing this. DO NOT move if he does. If you are going to survive don’t move and cast Tornados on him. Even after he dies don't move until the Hammers stop.

Sorc (all mage builds other then blizzard):

Summon your Bear, 5 Ravens, and Oak Sage. Cast your hurricane and Cyclone Armor. If you have Enigma or an Ammy with Tele charges remember that the Sorc invented Tele. Run towards the Sorc and cast Cyclone Armor every time the Sorc hits you. When you get close enough Tele on top of her and cast some Tornados. She will Tele away so you have to do this a few times. The hardest part is catching her. Your Cyclone Armor is strong but beware of Lighting, if it reaches Max Dmg, it can kill you in one hit even with full Resistance, and Cyclone Armor.

*You can be healed by FO Sorcs with 2 Raven Frost Rings, Spirit Keeper Earth Keeper, Snowclash Battle Belt, and Blackoak Luna.

Blizzard Sorc:

These are the hardest and most dreaded to duel against. If you can't Tele, and don't have a GODLY Hurricane don't even bother. Nothing can stop Blizzard. The items in the notation above were used with 85 cold Resistance, base level 17 Cyclone Armor with the skill adds from Items (list 1,) and over 2000 life against a level 30 blizzard. The blizzard still killed in one hit. The only hope for survival is to cast Hurricane, Cyclone Armor, and Oak Sage. Tele in circles around the Sorc while she is casting Blizzard until she dies. Pray not to be hit and that she dies fast.


Essentially the Wind Druid is a TANK. At Lvl 99 a Wind Druid could have nearly 350 in Vita with over a 400% increase in life, Max Block, and over 2000 Natural Absorb Elemental Damage. However, the skill tree is completed at around Lvl 90.
With items from Item (list 2) and a belt full of Full Rejuvenation Potions at Lvl 80, my Druid has been able to stand in front of the D-Clone for up to 1/2 hour at a time without rest! In Meph runs, he sustains no Dmg most of the time. He can do Pit runs alone in a full game. He is nearly capable if doing a solo Baal run in Hell mode. Many times, he has DOMINATED PvP games.
I haven't perfected the build, however, this is close.


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Nice start. There are a ton of windy guides floating around here, and i'm sure this will be added to the mix.

You might want to add a bit more detail in the class specific stratigies. Like what to do vrs a smiter with a doom & exile / ect.

{oh btw, there is not such thing as "owning all" Saying that might get you a few unwanted challenges or burnt by flames :thumbsup: }


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bad title

i suggest u rename

decent guide..the ones out there are a bit more comprehensive

the dueling stratagies is horrible

torndao moves in an amose random way so namelocking long range wont hit u shiz (too easy to dodge)

u want to -15 reqs ur ss to get more vita...

cold faucet is useless considering ur only using tornado for damage

waterwalks have more life..sand storm treks have more stats than wartravs

trang gloves > magefist
u need to hit 99% fcr for pvp
20 gloves
20 belt
50 wizardspike
thats only 90 u need 9% more

20 gloves
20 belt
40 hoto
+2 druid skills, 20%fcr stat/resits ammy
100%fcr..hits the needed limit

also provides more + skills

if you got a +2 druid/fcr/stat rare circlet class helmet you could replace the spidersash for a trangs belt SEEING THAT YOU HAVE NO CANNOT BE FROZEN

charms: 10 ELEMENTAL WITH LIFE OR FHR GCS, 9 20 life/(mana/resits) scs, 1 annihilus

ur theory doesnt work i believe - restist would get more damage not stun


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None of the smiter pallys i dueled were any good compared to my build so I didn't mention them. I don't know how to handle a strong smiter...

This is just what i used and how i dueled peeps and it worked. Hoto sucks i had that and wiz spike and wiz>hoto. With enigma you have enough str for ss -15 req is a waste you need Eld to Max Block w/o spending the dex. Magefist do the same as trang w/o the 30 more cold resist but with the + 25% reg mana. Use war travs for str and vita not vita only it give you more natural vita. All these other items your talking about Good luck Getting. This druid was build on the ladder i dont think ne one has a 20 cast 2 skill resist ammy on ladder or a circlet like that. Also the shako adds life and mana both things the build needs. Man I've build this druid 4 Times on the ladder to lvl 85 +. As for the name locking it keeps the hammer pally away and unable to come in and unleash hammers. Eventually he will come in and he will get killed b4 he can start blessed hammer. As for cannot be frozen its a mod wasted on mages. How many sorcs need can not be frozen????????????


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Looks okay to me, but there are a few things I'll add in case you're interested to finetune:

It's better to use only oak sage to draw guided arrows away since your grizzly is a source of lifeleech, whereas spirits are not.

Suicide Branch is a nice way to compensate for the lack of HotO or Wizardspike. The reason you may prefer wizardspike is the increase in your mana reserves, the fact that you may have improved a casting frame without realising it or the extra resistance it gives. If you can get those things from other items then HotO will be better due to the +3 skills it has.
Metalgrid doesn't add that many bonuses to be worthwile. Mara's is for beginners who have no good rare amulet (+2 skills, fcr, life, stats, resistance). I think you need to invert that in your setups.

Either get 68% faster cast rate or 99%, nothing in between. If it is 90% exchange a ring or amulet for 10% extra to reach 99% or lose the gloves for something more interesting.

People will wonder... "What kind of bonuses does a Nagel Ring give you in a pvp build?"
The answer is nothing. I know you added it for mf purposes, but you should have stated that a little bit more specifically. A nice rare is often more useful in pvp than both a Stone or a Bul Kathos. The +1 skill if you already have tons of it isn't going to add *that* much anymore so you might want to use ring slots to make up for things you lack.

As mentioned cannot be frozen is still very useful. If you are chilled you basically can't walk and most of the time you need to reposition to do some good aiming with your tornado. Also learn to use shift-tornados or rightclick tornados. Rarely ever namelock unless you're exactly on top of your opponent. Then again, you suggest no faster run gear or fhr breakpoints so I get the feeling you don't use repositioning tactics much where these mods may be/are imperative.
Necromancers, sorceresses and other casters don't really need cannot be frozen since they have better skills to use that don't require as much aiming as tornado. Unless you want to depend on the random tracking of tornado I highly suggest repositioning tactics and shift/rightclick casting to become more of an effective dueling.

Total Blocking % = [Blocking x (Dexterity – 15)] / (Character Level x 2)

Suppose you are level 85.
67% Block (normal storm) needs 206 dex
74% Block (eld strom) needs 188 dex
That saves you 18 points in dexterity.
-15% req stormshield gets you from 156 strength to 133 strength, saving 23 points in strength.

Dependant on your setup gives a -15% req storm will be best, plus the jewel you put in can have other helpful bonuses. You could go with less strength modifying gear that you are listing currently and come up with a better overall build. Currently you state 77 base strength, 63 from enigma at 85 = 140, plus some bonuses from other gear, which means a -15%req makes no difference.
Even then I would probably use a different jewel than an eld rune. The mere 18 dex "gain" can be made up easily with minor gear or charm shifts and in theory 1 raven frost may already get you there and give you cannot be frozen plus some cold absorb.
Due to strength requirements you may try to suggest a different elite armor instead of an archon, but that's personal taste as well. Due to charms/rings/amulets you may keep your strength lower than 77.
Wartraveler is overrated, probably put in there for the mf build. Exchange it for a nice rare or the tons of other unique boots available. If you do need the strength bonus (which doesn't seem the case for your build by the way) then there are other ways to cope with it.

Generic dueling tactics need work. They will do for public dueling against most opponents but when you start to meet people who know what they are doing they will stop working. Teleporting behind a bonespear isn't that smart because the moment you land a new one will be following it up and will go right through you due to the faster cast speed of the necromancer compared to your teleporting. If they use teeth it's often even worse.

You can walk out of the way from a whirlwind rather than teleporting and it may actually save you time. If you do think you need teleport against barbarians, use it mildly. Short-whirlers are very hard to beat especially with teleport and I suggest putting run off and block their hits rather than running or teleporting. Cast tornados at the endpoint of their whirlwind without using namelock. Run or teleport when they finished.

Use tileset against charge paladins and they are very well managable since you block their path of attack. Keep repositioning yourself and they shouldn't be as tough as in the open.

Overall charged strike is not the main worry, but several lightning fury's followed by charged strike is. Lightning fury on your summons will spawn bolts towards you for free and those will drain your cyclone armor very quickly. If that happens run out of range because they often follow up with charged strike to get the actual 1 hit kill. Best to use no summons at all.

If you can keep track of their fields which is much easier than with a necromancer, then hammer paladins are overrated. They lack the finesse of the necromancer to create fields in the first place and in general cannot control their hammers at all. If they teleport onto you run southeast and you won't get hit. If you can anticipate their teleport move slightly north and spawn tornados. Then before the first hammer did a 450 degree turn move further out of the way, rinse repeat. It's more problematic if they use smite in combination with their hammers, but even that requires hard work on their side since the hammer won't immediately connect to where you are smitten towards. If they use exile or holy freeze in general then it's much tougher to reposition and then you are lured to teleporting onto them to get your hits in rather than repositioning yourself. Just don't get fooled by it.
Hammer damage is high but if you are cautious enough it shouldn't hit you, kind of like how a berserk and concentration should never really get a chance to hit you.

If you have a way to heighten your resistances past 75% then use that against elemental attackers. Thundergod's vigor for instance negates a lot of the damage from a lightning sorceress. Hotspur or Infernostride do the same for fire sorceresses. Absorb other than your cyclone armor is overall not really needed if you pay enough attention to what you're doing.
Negating cold sorceresses is all about stacking a good amount of cold resistance and recasting cyclone armor. Don't overdo the absorb. Blizzard will hurt a bit but not massively and the matchup is more interesting that way, since you won't hurt them massively either unless you aim your tornados perfectly.

Blizzard sorceresses are overrated as the main foe. Good necromancers will always be the bane of druids.


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Tor, I honestly can't believe you said you need Cannot Be Frozen. Since when does being blue effect casting? Never ever use CBF for casters. Jebus help you


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Don't overexaggerate. Cannot be frozen can still immensely help you if you use walk/run repositioning tactics rather than just teleport all over the place. It's sometimes better to use repositioning tactics anyway since that lessens the chance of unwillingly desynching projectiles to the point where they become invisible.


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Kirsty, maybe you should make a guide for us all :D ... Just wondering, when a Hammerdin name-locks and tele's on top of you, if you don't move at all (as Fux0r suggested) will you dodge their hammers ? If so, it'd be ALOT easier than to run around and try to predict where they will next tele ...

Oh and just one thing I noticed, Resists are great but not the most important thing, since wheter you have resists or not once your cyclone is out, if you don't cast it back in time ... you're toast.

Last thing is about what Fux0r said about Absorb:

*You can be healed by FO Sorcs with 2 Raven Frost Rings, Spirit Keeper Earth Keeper, Snowclash Battle Belt, and Blackoak Luna.

If FO heals you, why doesn't blizzard heals you with the same gear ? :scratch:



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No, if a hammerdin has you namelocked then he will hit you with his hammer if he teleports onto you when you stand still or landed right behind a teleport. Therefore you need to keep moving, then the chance of him hitting you is lessened, but still exists to an extent. If you keep running/moving they will rarely teleport into the needed position for an immediate hit. Best is to either walk/run north east or south east, since he'll land behind you and the hammers always start on the southwest side. Only circle west very cautiously.

If you walk very tightly alongside potholes you can force him to teleport much further way from you rather than on top of you or close to you so you can create sort of a breathing space between the two of you. The best way to move west is alongside potholes.
As I mentioned you can also create some breathing space if you can anticipate their teleportation and approach north (where the spiral is still small on the first casts), although that requires some specific positioning of your character. Such tactics work for all teleporting opponents by the way, not just for hammerdins. Anticipation and the usage of ground layout are very important.

If he seems to stay in place for longer than two casts in succession it is time to start your own approach, running is safest since it gives you more control about there you are going, or use well placed teleport. Don't keep the attack up too long since the hammers make a full turn pretty quickly and that can put you off guard. A good hammerdin will anticipate that and try to smite you once so you're stunned until the hammers complete the full first or even second circle.
If you know where a hammer field is placed treat him like a necromancer and don't approach that screen for a while. Remembering the fields is important since if he teleports/runs back towards one of them don't follow. Shift or rightclick tornado is often the key.

Resistance is still very important since it will determine how much damage will get through a partially-charged cyclone armor (if part of it has already been whittled away). Furthermore if you have maxed resistances you will be able to take at least 2 more hits from elemental skills and often you can even take more punishment than that (when the skills don't hit for maximum damage). It could give you the breathing period you need to recast that cyclone armor. It is true that resistance is more important to fire or generic elementalists that spent a lot of points in the fire tree. Often wind druids can do with resistances above 25, but I suggest 50 to 75 or higher nonetheless.

The absorb cap is 40% so 2 ravens gets you there and spirit keeper is then a waste to put on. Snowclash and Black Oak do give straight heal values after absorb negated 80% of the damage (40% turned into life negating another 40% of the damage). Both Blizzard and Frozen Orb can heal you, but it is dependant on the amount of resistance stack you have. Blizzard does a lot more damage so the cold mastery working with it needs to be nearly to fully compensated by resistance stacking if you want it to heal you, and you probably need 95% effective resistance as well rather than just 75%. Frozen Orb can be negated with less of a resistance stack.
If you have cyclone armor you can negate a big chunk of the skills damages by default and I've seen it happen quite often that frozen orb doesn't even break the cyclone armor. Blizzard seems to do that very often unless the stacking is high enough as mentioned.
I wouldn't overdo it though, it's quite lame since we already have a big resistance buffer incorporated in cyclone armor.


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Also while dueling Hammerdins, you could go into a corner of some sort and just stay there. Its cheap, but they would have to get really close up to hit you with blessed hammer, so you can just hit them with a million tornados :)


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MagicLight said:
Also while dueling Hammerdins, you could go into a corner of some sort and just stay there. Its cheap, but they would have to get really close up to hit you with blessed hammer, so you can just hit them with a million tornados :)

oh no that's bad mannered

you're supposed to get in close without teleport through their hammerstorm

oh this wasnt pubbies :p


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ive killed plenty of characters that had no cbf especially sorcs. wind druids are harder, but mind you, im using 1.09 characters

i know it doent affect cast rate but the limited time in a duel and ur limited mana supply (cough BM potters) u dont want to waste your mana especially with high mana spells
Things you need to add to make this a good guide:

1) Leveling..?
2) Explanation for each item
3) Strategy Strategy Strategy
4) New title
5) FAQ's maybe?
6) Explanation of each main skill
7) Forumulas anyone? [max block, fcr, fbr, ias whatever]
8) Summary is spelled Summary.

With those completed it should be a nice guide :thumbsup:


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Asheron said:
I'd say you need enough stats to win and pk.

I second this.

Fuxor, you might want to read some more completed guides, such as fen's wind druid pvp guide, before you take a second crack at this. Also, maybe experiment in-game with some different equipment setups. Saying jalal's is beginning gear? Then saying +2 druid skills/ +20% fcr rare circlets aren't available on ladder?? It just doesn't add up.



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Ah yes and 105 skillpoints (101 noted and prequisites of arctic blast, raven, spirit wolf, dire wolf) means the build will be finished at level 94 (93 skills + 12 skillquests). I normally start to duel already when the build is still level 70 to 75 and slowly level up distributing points into what I think I need foremost.
Now most people won't do this from that early on, but they won't wait until they are level 94 either. So in the meantime, which skills do you recommend to max out first and which do you think can lag behind on the rest?


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a wind druid cannot own all
edit: if u want to have - enemy cold res and +% cold damage (with i think is completely pointless) then u might as well wield a doom
u also achieve 90% cast which is also pointless