How to obtain specific items?


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How to obtain specific items?

I have read several guides that reference obtaining a specific item. Having just started the game and currently just starting Act 3 -- I am not too familiar with the game. When I see something like "at 15 get Treads of Cthon" or "at 42 get a Herald of Zakarum" I don't really understand the "getting" part.

My guess is that you either (a) trade for it or (b) kill a boss or unique around the same mlvl as the item level enough times and pray for luck?

If there isn't some magical vendor that will sell me everything I need -- is there a list or database somewhere that shows approximately what level items are and known droppers of said items?

Thanks for any help with this --- great game so far.


The level numbers you see ( 15 & 42 ) refer to the level your character must be to use a given item. ( you may have already known that.) A lot of the better unique items drop in Nightmare & Hell, and The Absolute Top-End (or Uber) Gear Drops in Hell only( and at that only from a monster that has a TC{Treasure Class high enough to drop a specific item of Set or Unique Origin}

There is a link that shows all Area levels in all of the three difficulties. I have it but do not have acess to it at the moment.

You can trade for these items, but you need something of value to make the trade with, and yes, you can also find those items depending on luck, mf%, and what monster you killed in which difficulty.

Killing monseters, or the same monster, or the same group of monsters over & over is, in a nutshell, called a Run. (also MF Runs, (Pindle runs in 1.09) Pit Runs in 1.10, Baal runs, Meph(Mephisto runs),....etc.

Read link too.



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Your much better off using guides that are not linked to specific equipment.
Or better yet, just build your character, smile when you make a mistake, and build better next time.
Sadly, so many feel their characters have to be perfect or the games no fun.

Dont worry about items so early on, although if your very new, and dislike playing the game without better equipment or are dying all the time, try joining games with "free" in the name.
Dont try to quest there, but sometimes fairly nice equipment is offered.
I advise being polite , thanking the gover for something if you find it useful, and not grabbing everything you can whether ou can use it or not.


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Where do you play? If it's useast non-ladder, I can help you out with some decent stuff, just pm me here and we'll meet in a game.