How to mule anni charm?


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How to mule anni charm?

I have anni on an old character that I am going to delete. I want to give it to another character, but I am afraid of dropping on the ground and signing back in with other character. Will it still be there or will it disappear?



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if you create a room and leave, there are chances of the room going away, if you leave someone in the game it wont disappear... btw if you're from Europe i can help you, and u can trust me i wont take the anni :)


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If you have been in the game for more than 5 mins so it wont get deleted after your char leaves (check before dropping anything!) and you don't get an c/i or RD for whatever reason, the anni will still be there.



It's not an easy thing to do.

If you have windows XP, you might be able to do it having two instances of the game running (needing 2 Classic keys & 2 LOD keys) and having one instance of the game running on a sererate windows user account.

The other and easier option is finding someone trustworthy to help you.

Edit : with an anni charm, i would not take the chance on the 5 minute thing...random server downs and crashes happen.


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itsPizzarific said:
yeah dont risk it solo, i lost anni+maras in one game. o.0

then again, i'm retarded. =o
Ouch, i dont know what i would do if that happened :lol:
once i thought i lost a cold skiller but i had luck that the game wasn´t saved so the next game i had the skiller in my inventory :clap:


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when i first started i died and i couldnt get body so i just said what ever ill cut the loss i left and thought i lost everytthing.......joined next game low and behold there was my body freaked me out. i lost a few ums and an ist trin that 5 minute stuff. see if i do tthat again


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It's funny I hear everyone say they have had problems with the 5 minute thing but I have never had a problem unless I changed characters to fast and that only happened once. Another crazy thing was I found a mal rune (not traded, so it was legit) had a player in the game to hold the game for me (he is very trusted) and I come back into the game and the mal is gone. I know he didn't take it but some other guy he knew came into the game. He swears up and down he didn't take it and even my friend vouched for him. So either the dang thing just disappeared or the new guy jacked it. I suspect the latter as the case though.


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i just xfered an anni last night with a trusted friend

i dropped it, he held it, then i came back and took it

and me being the moron that i am, i tried to trade screen xfer it :lol:

just get a trusted person to hold it (I have a few on bnet like this)


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Yeah. There is no real safe way to transfer an anni. The only way I found was to find an extremely trust worthy moderator (used to be one on ladder East forums) or find someone you know in person. That's usually best.