How to make normal Orb sorc


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How to make normal Orb sorc???

I wanna make a normal Orb sorc but i dont know what stuff i need to use,what skills i must put or what stats and what kind different styles there are to make a Orb sorc so if you plz tell me that kind of stuff


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The beauty of Orb is that its a powerful spell without a lot of points taken up by synergies, so people usually pair it with a spell from another tree, such as meteor or lightning. For a general guide, check the meteorb guide at the top of the page, and substitute the spell of your liking for meteor.


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if you are going for pure orb, be sure to max orb and the synergy (icebolt or something).

everything else depends on other factors. if its pvp, max cold mastery. if its pvm, less is needed.

gear: the standard stuff is good:

helm: nightwingveil, shako
shield: spirit, lidless wall, SS, viscerants
gloves: frosties, magefists
belt: arachnids, tals
rings: sojs, mana, res, fcr if need be
ammy: tals, maras, any other +2 ammy

so before you can get a full answer that doesn't take up 3 pages and involve every situation possible, a few questions:

pvp or pvm?
what kind of budget are we looking at?

your post was short. normally i can guess at how much people know about what they are asking by what they say. you didn't say enough for me to do that. the only thing i can guess at is that you are new to sorcs because the question was so short and broad. so if you could mention any other goals for this character, it would be helpful.


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and also the worths of the stuff plz

couse i dont know how much the stuff is worth so plz put them also in it and i was making a PvP sorc


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when i said budget i was asking about how much you can spend. an exact amount isn't needed, just someone like, "i can buy anything," or "i have a few pgems," or "somewhere in the middle."

also: are you going pure orb or will you combo it with lightning or fireball?

as far as prices go, USEAST SCL, USWEST SCL, EUROPE SCL have threads in the trade values forum:

you need to say more than one unpunctuated sentence for some real help.


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it does not matter how much i will need for they couse my friend promised to get everything what i need for it