How to kill diablo clone using skelemancer


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How to kill diablo clone using skelemancer

I had diablo clone in a private game last night. But I can't kill it with my skelemancer. My skeletons usually die fast of his fire. I tried revive monsters from act 4. the best they can do is bring down about half of his health before expired if my merc can last that long.
Just played 1.10 about 1 month (USwest ladder). So my gear is not good. All my resistance is red. Have about +7 in summon tree, max RS, SM, 1 pts in other skills. But I had quite a few skill point saved.
So I seriously need some advice here. Should I put more points in summon resistance, revive or other skills? Or I just need better gears? Any tips fighting it.



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Mad Mantis said:
Welcome Newcomer to The Darkness. Grab a brew :drink: and feel free to raise some corpses.

Check out this thread and this thread.
Thanks for the info. Some are quite helpful. I surly need better eq for it. I guess it's my bad luck for meeting DC so early since my necro is my only char past NM. I probably can take on it next time.
Another note, I did try to lure it to blood raven. But kill blood raven didn't kill it.
So I guess it has been fixed too.


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The bug that killed dclone with such "everything dies" events has indeed been fixed.

The easiest way to kill dclone with a Skelemancer (that's how I do it, anyway) is to get Revives with "crushing blow" to bring down his hitpoints (Urdars, Blunderbones and similar monsters). Use poison mages to shut off his regeneration.
It takes a bit of effort to get the Revives to dclone, though.


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Re: How to kill diablo clone using skelemancer

i have a skelemancer whos about to take him on alone, this is what im wearing and my stats
lvl 82 skelemancer
arm of the king leoric
delerium corono
chains of honor forgot what plate
humonculous trophey(duh)
tearhaunch greaves(tryin to get marrowwalks)
thundergods vigor belt(need arachnids mesh but it hasnt dropped yet for me)
trang quils gloves(another duh)
a plus 3 to summoning skills ammy

my RS and RSM are both at 34,
my RS Mastery is at 34 as well
revive is at 13(with just plus to skills)
corpse explosion is at 26

health is about 650, its pretty low sadly

im planning on using a clay golem with decrepify, having 7 poison mages, and 6 cold mages. Also i have a might merc from act 2, which im working on getting a 4 socketed polearm to put pride in to give my skeles concentration aura.

what are your stats like? list what skill lvls your at because that would show if you could take him or not,

But do you guys think i could solo him?


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Re: How to kill diablo clone using skelemancer

oh and im tryin to get Soj but umm you know, they are hard to get