How to keep on playing Diablo? :P


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I recently got the GOG rerelease of Diablo 1 and I really love that game. I just finished it up, single player, with the Rogue. I wanted to play again with my save game but there's no harder difficoulty mode like in Diablo II? How can I coninue so that there's sense in it? Is online/mulitplayer the only way?



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From the D1 wiki:

While Hellfire supports Nightmare and Hell difficulty for single player characters, this is not a feature in Diablo. In regular D1, you can only play NM and Hell with multiplayer characters. (You must be level 20+ to create a Nightmare game, or level 30+ to create a hell game.

Happily, there is a trick that enables NM and Hell difficulty for single player characters. You simply need to start a multiplayer game on Nightmare or Hell, exit it (after however long), and then start a new game with a single player character. That single player game will be whatever difficulty the last multiplayer game was. You must do this in the same play session (i.e. without closing and restarting Diablo) and of course you need a multiplayer character who is at least level 20 or 30, to create the NM or Hell game in the first place.

Most players eventually play only multiplayer Diablo I, simply because single player is too easy at higher levels. Multilayer monsters have double the hit points and other elements of the game are increased in difficulty as well. Furthermore, the shortcuts down to the Catacombs, Caves, and Hell are open as soon as a multiplayer character (of sufficient level) creates a new game, enabling players to zoom right to the challenging part, instead of forcing a player to work their way down through the Church, Cats, and Caves every new game. The trade off is that multiplayer D1 has only 4 quests, the same 4 in each game, and Pepin does not sell elixirs, making maxing out your attributes a much longer process.


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They honestly should just patch that.

But it would be effort with very little payoff so it won’t happen.


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For future reference, you can make a character via Multiplayer > Direct Cable Connection for straightforward difficulty selection and the multiplayer Diablo mechanics. You don't need to connect to or have any special networking setup, and it provides an excellent single player experience—though some mechanics such as quests will behave differently to the single player mode.