How to improve this Bowazon? :)


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How to improve this Bowazon? :)


I would really appreaciate if anyone could help me out here, I dont know how to improve my bowazon so i get higher damage and what i should need to be able to trade those things to me. I play on europe realm ladder.

Im a Strafer.

I currently use this gear:

Tal rasha helm
Immortal kings Boots
Immortal kings Gloves
Raven rost ring
Manald heal ring
Mavinas belt
The cats eye amu
The peace runeword armor

I have Ama torch and a bunch of different charms that give res and little hp.

Here are my stats:

110 str
Uknown dex - all the rest
100 vita
base energy

here the picture of my stats:
My stats

I hope you can help me out here :)
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Re: How to improve this Bowazon? :)

you shouldn't of put points in vitality because it is of no use. no one should ever get close to you if you play with the bow. resistances are not THAT important also because of same reason. keep your distance and spam. buriza was a great xbow back in the days, faith is the best bow these days. try to get your hands on it. try to get 110 strength for buriza, AFTER +strength from items. get small charms with +maximum damage, AR, life, frw, resistances. +skill mods are not that important .. i see you are making a strafer so thats not so juicy for strafers. strafers have this breakpoint thing going on these days .. you could have 3 or 2 fpa, it depends on your playing style .. search the forums for more info on that. and you really should get yourself a bow rather than xbow.

best bowa gear of this kind is something like:

faith GMB
nosferatu's coil
rare dual leech ring
laying of hands
wartraveler or gores (many debates here as far as i can tell)
mav's helm with IAS jewel
cat's eye

how many points did you put in strength exactly? LCS is lying lol
which merc are you using ?? might nightmare 2. act merc with pride is the way to go
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Re: How to improve this Bowazon? :)

hi thanks for the reply :)

Ehm currently im using a act 2 nm might merc with reapers toll.

So really all my points in vitality is a waste of points? Bleeh. But i should have som res right orelse i die 1 sec if i come near any monster that shoot some range stuff :rolleyes: But yeah maybe they should die before be able to kill me (if i had a nice bow) but im not used with that lol.

Ok, i need to make a new char now. What stats should i aim for as base? I dont wanna make a new again because of wrong stats, lol :cry:

Ok, if i shouldnt use xbow like buriza.. hmm the only other bow i have right now is Lycanders aim lol. And for me it seems to do very very bad dmg compared to buriza but will the speed(?) put out the dmg more even? I dont seem to be able to get faith any time soon, its very expensive. But i will get it at the end when ive play long enough to afford it. So yeah what stats do i need?


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Re: How to improve this Bowazon? :)

If you up the lycanders aim it will hold you over in an area like pits until you can find stuff to trade for. You really should check out some of the strafe guides in here also they really do help.


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Re: How to improve this Bowazon? :)

Buri is actually the best weapon in it´s price class. You should stay with it before you can afford WF or Faith.

I would recommend you to change your armour to Treachery though and change Manald to resist ring. Dual leach in helmet should be enough.

You can be better using another belt as well - think about IK (resists), Tal´s (dex) or Credendum (dex + resists)

KOMARAC´s set up is of course ok but I guess it´s not for your recent economy. Btw - 100 hard points in vita is NOT wrong with your equipement. It WOULD be wrong with high-end gear and a glasss canon build though.


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Re: How to improve this Bowazon? :)

hi.. i wanted to make a PVM bowzon using Mavina's Full Set, Can any 1 teach me wat skills to add and stats to add pls /?