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How to Improve PVP?

Discussion in 'Sorceress' started by Papermate, Sep 24, 2006.

  1. Papermate

    Papermate IncGamers Member

    Jul 24, 2006
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    How to Improve PVP?

    Well im new to sorcs and dueling with them. I have a Pure Light sorc and im not quite sure what the best way to duel with them is and what to avoid. If you could post some advice that'd be great. Also I want to know how i can improve my gear for better PvP.
    Currently Lvl 90
    Helm: 2sorc 20FCR +mods w/ 5/4 Facet
    Ammy: +3 Light skills
    Armor: AP COH
    Wep 1: 2/20/xx with 5/4 facet light eschuta
    Wep 2: 1BO cta
    Shield1: 35FCR Spirit Mon.
    Shield2: 26FRC Spirit Mon.
    Rings: 2x SOJ's
    Boots: War Travs
    Belt: Arach's
    15/15/8 anni
    16/14 Storch
    1 Lite GC w/ 12life
    A few 18-20 Life sc's
    2FHR sc's

    Might Merc: lvl 89
    Eth Thresher Infinity
    High def. eth fort

    I do 6-32K Dmg and was wondering what were i could improve on my gear. Ive put all my HR's into this char so i cant upgrade too much but w/ a little trading im sure i could get a few items. So if you could post some helpfull hints on what i should imrove on that'd be great.

    (I know i should use a griff's but couldnt afford, and same w/ eschuta... i know i should use a 3/20/xx but all i got was 2/20/xx and i know i could use more GC's and please dont tell me to get like a 6/6/6 CTA lol)

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