How to get big dmg Blizzard?


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How to get big dmg Blizzard?

Hi I currently have a 70-something blizz sorc doing about 4k. With maxedout synergies and good items i think she'll get about 10k tops, though I don't know what items. The first blizz sorc i saw did 15-17k dmg. What equipment does this sort of mega dmg?


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Lots of items with +skills and items that give +% To Cold Skill Damage (Nightwing's Veil & Death's Fathom). Also lots of Facets with +% cold damage and -% enemy cold resist. Also get lots of +1 cold skills grand charms.


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not to forget Ormus Robes Dusk shroud with +15% coldskill damage and +3 to blizzard...


my 16k setup;

20/-5 nw
34/-5 fathom
20/-5 bliz ormus
20/-20 monarch
+2sorc/fcr ammy
2 x fcr rings
trang gloves
fhr/str boots
10 cold gc
cta + lidless on switch

this gives me lvl42 blizzard i believe

and for ur bliz sorc, dont overlook ICE BLAST

mine does 7k blast! it owns!